Hot on the heels of the success of our last anthology, First Submission, we are currently seeking submissions for a new anthology of uniform themed stories, for example army, fire service, police, navy etc!

Stories can be on any theme within the uniform remit for example, power exchange, gay/lesbian, romance, age play, BDSM, D/s, domestic discipline, M/M/F, transgender etc, and should be a minimum of 5k and a maximum of 15k words, submitted by email to as single-spaced Word documents with no formatting.  If you have any questions or comments before submitting a story, please do get in touch with Richard!


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These Eyes So Green

A hot new erotic romance release! These Eyes So Green by Deborah Kelsey In many ways this is one of our most challenging books subject wise.  It concerns love between a German officer in the Second World War and a member of the French Resistance.  It is well written and a clever plot, though elements will make […]


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