Phae Carson married young to a husband who was verbally and emotionally abusive. Having two kids by the time she was 20 kept her in the relationship. Book Details
Author : Carol Schoenig
The Caretaker
After surviving a massacre, Lady Megan MacKelloch intends on seeking sanctuary with the Poor Claires for herself and her young sisters.  That is until Lord John Lindsay, known as The King’s Blade, is ordered to find her...Book Details
Author : L.J. Dare
The King’s Blade
Marcus, 4th Duke of Lethan, has been in love with Cora for longer than he cares to remember. Cora is a young woman of intelligence and ambition. One evening, as Cora dances with every man but Marcus, he realizes...Book Details
Author : Summer Edwards
Ravished by the Highwayman