Do you have any superstitions?
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A lot of writers I know have superstitions, unusual or OCD habits connected with their writing.  For example, I know a writer who will only write while wearing certain jewelry, another who must wear their ‘special’ shoes.  We can be a funny group when it comes to behavior, I think it is the chance elements to the writing profession.

I read somewhere that the odds on an unpublished author getting a publishing contract is roughly fourteen million to one. Which is roughly the odds of being struck by lightning. Whatever the odds, you spend a year writing a story and then approach a publisher. It is in the lap of the gods at that point.  It could be a great story, sent to the right publishing house, but if the publisher is in a bad mood, or is not in the zone to connect with that story it might just not work. Or it could be that all the planets line up, and the right person gets your script. Maybe it is your lucky day or maybe it is your lucky hat?

Have you ever heard of interesting superstitions? Maybe you would like to share some of your own? I would love to hear, the quirkier the better. As for me, I have not really developed any bad compulsions superstitions or habits, or at least I don’t think so touch wood.

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Tasha Posted September 9, 2018 at11:06 am   Reply

I have added myself to the group (pending) I am forever saying ‘touch wood’ and threw quiet the adult strop when my husband said ‘touch wood’ and did not touch wood. We were in a forest at the time so it wasn’t like we were not surrounded by wood! Needless to say, he hastened to the nearest tree.

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