Do writers live through their characters?
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Is it a part of the writer’s trade to explore life through their characters?  I have known writers who live a second life that way, trying things out in a fantasy world that they would never do in the real world.  One Author confessed to me that she discovered more herself through the sexual encounters of her characters than she had with her husband.  She mentioned a freedom, a liberation to try her fantasies out on the written page and found it more fulfilling than the fantasy alone in her mind.  There was something naughty about sharing her intimate thoughts with her readers.  I asked if she had ever told this in a formal interview?  She replied of course not, she hadn’t even told her husband the extent of how much of her true desires were in the stories she wrote.

I wonder how common that is with writers?  For myself, writing fiction is well researched through interviews, but as it comes from my imagination there must be my thoughts in the mix.  As for what and how much I leave it to my readers to make their own decisions.

I would be very interested to hear how other writers approach this and would love to hear your thoughts, stories, or any views you might like to share.  On here, the blog, facebook or twitter.

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