The top ten sexiest jobs.
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Just what are the top ten sexiest jobs?  I read an article the other day that just grabbed my interest.  Working in the publishing business the jobs of the male characters do feature strongly in the plot. The career certainly defines the character in the story. Certain careers can make men seem more attractive. Here are some of the sexiest jobs in my opinion and not in any particular order.


This one comes up again and again in stories.  It is no coincidence that the popularity of shows like ER and Grey’s Anatomy do so well.  For me, I like the idea of the control they have; you have to do what they say, right? There’s just something about a man who saves lives.


Another common choice for a hero, there are parallels between doctors and firemen, both men work odd hours and save lives. Also, they have to be in pretty good physical shape to keep up with the training requirements. And a man sliding down a pole is kind of hot.


This could come down to the high levels of confidence and charisma they exude. There’s also an allure of the courtroom drama. There is also the sharp suit that I find rather attractive.  Another angle is their high-paying jobs. Money and power go so well together.

Police Officer or Armed Forces

Police officers remain popular heroes in romance stories. I can see why a woman would want a man who can protect them and others, and there’s no one better to do that than a police officer.

Physical Therapist

It is sexy, a man with the knowledge and experience to deliver a relaxing massage after a hard day. They also have the in-depth medical knowledge, which has always appealed to me.


Again there is the whole life-saving aspect. The paramedic is usually the first medical professional on the scene, and their quick hands often determine whether or not someone in an accident will survive.


I love hanging around with creative people.  I love to see people who are skilled with their hands.  I always think artists are so sexy.

Construction Worker

Construction workers, very practical people good at working with their hands. It also congers up the image of manly muscles. It is always nice when someone who makes me feel dainty. Plumbers and electricians also seem sexy, something about them being able to fix stuff.


There is something about a man who helps people realize their dreams. I am sure most of us had some sort of crush on a teacher.

CEO or Entrepreneur

I am always attracted to a man who made something out of nothing. Story characters doing this seem to have passion, drive, a level of intelligence, confidence, and leadership displayed that makes most women feel safe, both physically and emotionally.

Ok, if I have missed one of your favorites do write in and tell me, I would love to hear.

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