Tempted to include friends as story characters?
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Have you ever been tempted to include friends or family members as characters in one of your stories?

As writers, we borrow bits from our lives, we change them around, and the more personal bits we disguise and claim they are pure fiction.  Where do we find our characters? When creating someone in a story, you want a rounded personality, so why not get one that is ready made? Of course, I would never base a character on just one person, well hardly ever. Usually they are an amalgam of different bits of peoples personalities, together with my lively imagination.  I use that to picture what they might do under certain circumstances.  I love that dynamic of borrowing bits, but of course, I would never tell the person that my character contained a part of them.  So far nobody has asked so I have told no lies.  I assume it is a common practice.  I know of several authors who do the same thing of sampling personality traits from people they know.

So what about you? Have you used that technique in your writing? Have you ever been called out and been confronted by a friend or relative?  What was their reaction? Good? Or not?

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