If only summer was just around the corner.
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I am in the mood for a bit of summer romance.  We had a few days of warmer weather, and that got my hopes up.  Then the cold weather is back with us, and we are all bundled up in warm clothes.  Then when I thought it was just about over.  It snowed again.

I don’t know about you. But I think it is much harder to meet someone new in the winter months. We all seem to be rushing in an out of places trying to avoid the cold. We have a massive amount of clothing on, which to be honest, is not the best look for me.  Not sure anyone looks that great in winter.  It’s hard to make the first contact with someone or even to get the feeling of any attraction towards someone when you can only see their eyes and nose sticking out between their hat and scarf.

Now, summer is different.  In the summer, we get to wear a lovely thin cotton sundress, or flirty shorts and light cotton tops.  I so love to flirt and tease, I know I shouldn’t, but, lol.  But, the men look so hot in their short sleeve polo shirts showing off their chest and biceps.  I love to see a man in shorts, particularly if it shows off their strong legs. I especially like a man in a soccer outfit. It is the next best thing to seeing them naked. Oops, did I write that?  Lol.

I love a good summer romance full of fun afternoons and romantic evenings. It’s very addictive, at whatever age, you end up checking your phone every 30 seconds for texts or e-mails.  And the tingle when you see one from the right person. I guess the hardest part is interjecting reality into the fantasy of a summer romance. It’s easy to get carried away and think this is the one. I know I have been lost in the moment a few times. It happened once when I was working in London.  There was this hot American student. He had a great bod and was comfy to be around. He took me to some great places to eat and let’s say, he knew what buttons to press in the bedroom.  I knew he was about to graduate, and when he did he would be going back to Iowa. There was a lot of soul-searching. Could I actually pack up everything and move to the States? Would it be possible to have a long-distance relationship? Would it be this sexy when we’re both back doing a 9 to 5 job, home chores and family commitments? In the end, we were grown up about it, it was a unique relationship and it was fun while it lasted. The last night was amazing! Lol

I love the buzz of summer romance; it invigorates me.  It’s afforded me a chance to try a lot of new things over the years. I went in an ultralight with one guy, I loved riding on the back of a motorcycle and have eaten new and interesting food. The energy burst it gives me gives me the enthusiasm to take on more new challenges, and to be open to more new experiences. I’ve got into the habit, of writing the experiences down, even if it is just for me; though I have used some of the memories in my writing.  Maybe you do too?

So if I seem anxious for those warm summer months to arrive, you’ll know why.

I’d love to hear if you’ve had a summer romance. How did it end? Did you try to make it continue on long distance? Or did you say your goodbyes, knowing you’d never see each other again, but were grateful for the experience? Have you used the experience in your writing?

Have you read a romance where that summer romance worked out, and they lived happily ever after? Don’t get me wrong I’m all for that too.

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