A simple Sunday morning.
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Sundays are a special day for me; it is my time to recharge my batteries.  I always hope for a sunny day, so I can indulge my pleasures of sitting in my small garden and drink a coffee, or maybe sometimes a glass of wine.

Last night, rather than going out, I watched a comedy movie, The Boat that Rocked and I ordered a delivered Chinese meal.  So much of it, I will have the leftovers today.  The Movie was great. I love 60’s music, and I wanted to share this, a clip of the film with this track, Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon.

I think there are real benefits to taking a day off, though I am not a great example. I checked my e-mail this morning and wrote this bog, but honest I am going to put my feet up when I post this.

Most of us work such long hours we often forget the important things.  I see friends that never unplug from their computers, tablets, or phones.  Our lives seem so pressured, surely you have worked hard enough during the week to warrant a day off?

Here is my recipe to chill; Don’t check your email as soon as you get out of bed, better still don’t open it at all this one day, keep away from your phone, PC, or tablet, I have been there “I’ll just check” turns into two hours of work.  Read a book, do something that gives you pleasure.  Comune with nature, sit outside or go for a walk.  Eat healthy food, spend time with someone who matters to you, instead of phoning a friend, make arrangements to go and see them.

Have a chilled day and start the new week refreshed.


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