New E-book out now!
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New E-book out now!

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A new release from K.L. Ramsey, Theirs to Have, is out now.  Her ménage series, Last First Kiss, is hot!  The whole series features the romantic struggle of two men and a woman living and loving together, with all the power struggles that suggest.  I have read the four books in the new series.  I have to say these stories got my body heated and my heart racing.  The first and second books, Theirs to Keep and Theirs to Love, are out now.  The new book in the series, Theirs to Have, is another smoking hot ménage à trois story.  All three books are available on Amazon and also on Kindle Unlimited now!

The last book in the series, Theirs to Take is available to Pre-order, at 99c until publication date 13 June.

I just know you are going to love this whole sexy series.

To let you sample the story here is the prologue and Chapter One:



Six months earlier

Cash Harrington watched as the sexy little brunette made her way into his bar, Manholes. She came in with his friends, Jack and Travis, and the woman that he guessed they were now sharing, which meant that the woman that was taking up space at the bar was there alone. Cash shook his head, not liking the fact that he was letting his dick do the thinking for him again. He needed to get his head back in the game, otherwise he was going to end up taking what he needed from the hot little piece of ass that was flagging him down, trying to get his attention to place her order.

He knew that he was done for when she opened her sweet lips and her southern twang asked him if she could have whatever he had on tap. He had a weakness for brunettes with long pullable hair and pouty lips that would look so pretty wrapped around his cock. She smiled up at him, and his dick strained against the zipper of his jeans, telling him that he had no fucking chance in hell of regaining any control of the situation. And fuck, he needed that control. Without it, lives would get fucked up, just like last time, and he didn’t know if he could handle that again.

Cash handed the little vixen her beer and she smiled back at him.

“I’m Mercy,” she shouted over the music.

He gave a curt nod, not sure if he should get involved in a conversation with the flirtatious bombshell. If she knew what she was inviting into her life, she’d go in search of a good time somewhere else.

Cash walked to the other end of the bar to wait on customers that were signaling for another drink, not missing the look of disappointment on sexy Mercy’s face.

“Great band,” she shouted, when he returned to get the guy next to her another beer. Cash nodded again, this time giving her a little smile.

“What’s your name, honey?” the guy next to her slurred, and Mercy sweetly smiled and gave her name again. “How ʼbout you come on over to my place and I make you scream for mercy, Mercy?”

Her smiled turned polite, as she declined his invitation.

“Thanks, but I’m here with some friends.” Mercy looked over her shoulder to where Jackson and Travis were dancing with their girl. The drunk didn’t take the hint, pushing up on her and invading her space.

Cash couldn’t stand to see him put his hands on her body and Mercy didn’t seem to care much for it either. He leaned over the bar, trying to be as intimidating as humanly possible. At 6’5”, he knew that he could scare the shit out of most guys, but this guy should be terrified of him.

“You need to leave my fucking bar,” Cash growled.

The drunken customer didn’t seem to have the common sense to even look at him. He was too busy pawing at Mercy and dipping dangerously close to where her cleavage appeared under her low-cut shirt. Cash had had enough. He’d tried to play nice, but he was finished with that. He reached across the bar and grabbed the guy’s hand with his own, twisting it painfully until the drunk had the good sense to take his hands off Mercy.

“The lady said that she is here with some friends. What she really wants to tell you is to leave her the fuck alone and keep your fucking hands to yourself.” Cash looked at Mercy, and her stunned expression made his gut twist. Was she shocked by his behavior, or that he had stuck up for her? “Does that about cover it, honey?” He waited her out, hoping that she would tell her handsy new admirer to take a hike.

“Yep, that just about does it.” Mercy’s smile was mean as she nodded in the drunk’s direction. Cash released his hand, and he couldn’t seem to scurry off fast enough.

“Sorry about that. Sometimes I don’t cut people off fast enough and they end up being assholes to nice girls. Your beer is on me, for the trouble.” Cash nodded to her glass, then let his eyes rise to meet hers, which was a huge mistake. She had the most beautiful brown eyes he’d ever seen, and the way that she was smiling at him right now made his body react in ways that he’d forgot it could. Damn it, he needed to stop looking at her and get back to work.


Mercy swallowed down the last of her beer and he watched her throat work, thinking about how much he wanted to kiss down her pretty,  milky skin to find all her sensitive spots.

“Not a problem,” he barked. He looked around the bar, suddenly aware that the music had stopped, which meant that Callan was on a break.

“You never told me your name.” Mercy smiled up at him and he almost wanted to smile back at her, but that would be considered flirting, and he didn’t flirt anymore.

“Cash,” he almost whispered.

She nodded and pushed her glass to the back of the bar. “Well, Cash, can I get another?” He took her glass, got her a clean one and refilled it with another beer.

“Hey, man, great crowd tonight.”

Cash knew that Callan had taken up residence on the barstool next to Mercy before he’d even turned back around from filling her glass. He handed her the beer and nodded at Callan.

“Hi, I’m Callan McAllister.”

His friend held out his hand to introduce himself to Mercy, but she seemed to hesitate. Cash had to admit that her hesitancy gave him some pleasure. Callan was his friend and accountant—hell, he even let Callan’s band play on busy bar nights—but Callan was trouble. He was also a Dom and had quite the reputation for being a lady’s man. Cash knew all too well where that reputation would land his friend if he wasn’t careful about who he let in, but he had to learn the hard way.

Mercy reached over to take his hand, and Cash wondered what her skin would feel like, pressed up against his. He wanted to groan at the thought of having her tight little body sliding over his, but he grabbed a few glasses to dry as a distraction.

Callan watched Mercy like she was his next meal and Cash wanted to tell his friend to get lost, although he had no right to. Mercy was nothing to him—just a hot chick who’d wandered into his bar and started talking to him. But, if that was truly the case, why was it pissing him off to watch Callan put his hands on her?

“I’m Mercy, Mercy Parks,” she said, seeming to feel a little more comfortable with Callan’s flirtations. Cash knew that women around the bar couldn’t seem to get enough of Callan’s all-American, boy-next-door looks, with his short blond hair and blue eyes. He didn’t leave the bar alone most nights, and the thought of him leaving with Mercy tonight really was starting to rub Cash the wrong way.

“It’s nice to meet you Mercy, Mercy Parks,” Callan chuckled. “My band sings here a few nights a week and I’m an accountant by day. In fact, I do Cash’s books for the bar.”

Cash shot Callan a glare to let him know that he didn’t like him sharing his personal information with strange women. He was always doing that shit. Cash had even had women coming into the bar and telling him that Callan had promised them drinks on the house. He wasn’t about to give away booze for free, just to further Callan’s sex life. He’d sat his friend down and told him to cut that shit out, but he still occasionally had women come through hoping to throw Callan’s name around and get free drinks.

“Sorry, man, I forgot that you like your privacy,” Callan said, rolling his blue eyes. Mercy laughed at his theatrics and, this time, Cash didn’t stifle his groan.

“Don’t you have a set to play or something?” Cash looked around at the few people still left in the bar. The crowds had died down and it was getting near closing time. He was ready to go up to his apartment above the bar and get some sleep.

Cash kept a place above the bar for nights that usually ran long. Hell, when he’d bought the place, he’d finished the upstairs apartment and used it to play with all the willing women that came through his bar, but that was before he’d lost control, and sight of what was important in life. Death did that to a person. It reset their goals and made them take stock of what they needed and what could be disposed of.

“Naw, man,” Callan drawled, working his southern, country boy charm. Cash rolled his eyes, knowing the effect that it usually had on women. “I’m about to pack up and head out.”

Callan turned to face Mercy, who couldn’t seem to take her eyes off him. “How about it Mercy? You wanna get out of her and maybe go someplace a little more private?” He bobbed his eyebrows at her and made Mercy laugh.

“Or, you could let Mercy finish her beer and leave her the fuck alone,” Cash growled. He knew that he was being a dick and that he had no right to speak for her, but he couldn’t help himself. Little Mercy was tying him up in knots and he wasn’t sure what to do about it. One thing was for sure—he couldn’t watch her walk out of his bar with Callan, or anyone else for that matter. He wanted her, and Lord help him, he planned on taking her.


Mercy didn’t know what to do with all the attention she was getting from the two hunky men. She had planned on having a fun night out with Emily and her guys, but here she was, at a gay bar, getting hit on. Her mind kept playing hot fantasies of both Cash and Callan taking her together, using her body and giving her more pleasure than she’d ever imagined possible. She had been listening to Regan and Emily too much, and her mind was starting to think that she could handle two guys at once—but she knew better. She thought that she was going to just have a little flirty fun, introducing herself to the gay bartender. The only problem was he wasn’t gay and, from the way that he was watching her and warding other men away, he was very much into women—especially her.

Mercy was so mesmerized by Callan’s blue eyes and Cash’s sexy, growly voice, that she didn’t even notice her best friend, Emily, until she was standing next to her.

“Sorry to cut in, but we are going to head out. The guys are tired and ready to call it a night.”

Mercy giggled, not buying the story that Em was trying to sell her.

“Sure, I bet they are exhausted and need to get you to bed, stat.” Mercy joked. Emily rolled her eyes at her friend’s obnoxious use of hospital jargon and grabbed her hand.

“Let’s go, Mercy. You can make fun of me on the ride home.” Emily sounded like she was starting to lose her patience.

Cash grabbed Mercy’s hand, effectively stopping Emily from dragging her out the door. “Hey, if you want to stick around, I’d be happy to give you a lift home later.” Emily shot Cash a look that would warn most men to keep their hands off her friend.

“Or”—Callan stood, pulling Mercy into his space—“I could run you home after my last set.” Callan looked so hopeful that Emily laughed.

“Or,” Emily barked, “you can get your ass out and get it into Jack’s SUV. You came with us and you’ll leave with us.”

Mercy wasn’t sure how to tell her friend that she wanted to stay.

Emily sighed, as if she could tell that she was about to lose the battle, and she dropped Mercy’s hand from her own.

“I’m having fun, Em. Besides, it’s nice to get some attention. It’s been a while since any good-looking man so much as glanced in my direction. At least let me have a few more hours fun.” Mercy shot Emily a pleading look. Emily wasn’t her keeper and if she wanted to have some fun, that was her prerogative.

“Fine. I can see that you’ve already decided.” Emily leaned in to whisper into Mercy’s ear. “Just keep in mind that you don’t know either of these guys. You might as well be taking candy from a stranger and climbing into their janky van.”

Mercy laughed. “I’m pretty sure that neither one of them is a crazed serial killer. Right guys?”

Mercy turned to find that both guys had crowded up behind her. They had the same look on their faces that both Travis and Jackson had when they looked at Emily, and Mercy suddenly felt a little overheated.

Emily pointed between the two hot guys who had protectively surrounded Mercy. “Just make sure she gets home safely and in one piece,” she barked. Both men nodded and smiled, and Mercy worried about what she had just signed up for.

Emily pulled Mercy in for a hug. “Good luck, and call me,” she whispered.

“I will, and don’t worry so much. I’ll be fine.” Mercy kissed her cheek and gave her a saucy wink, causing her to laugh. Emily shook her head and turned to find both of her guys. Mercy waved at Jackson and Travis as the three of them left.

She turned to find both Cash and Callan still crowded up behind her. It felt as if they had sucked all the air out of the room and her head spun with desire from them being close enough to touch. But she didn’t. Mercy knew that if she allowed herself one touch, or even one kiss, she would find herself between these two sexy alpha men, and she was afraid that she would never want to find her way out.

“So, how about it, Mercy? You wanna get out of here?” Callan took her hand, pulling her into his body, and Cash pushed up against the side of her.

She wasn’t sure what her answer should be, but she looked at the both of them and whispered, “Yes.” What she was saying yes to, she hadn’t a clue, but she was hoping that, if she asked nicely, she might just get what she wanted—and she wanted them both.

Callan flashed Cash a cocky smile. “Later Cash,” he barked.

Cash looked down at her, and the stern warning she saw in his eyes made her shiver. It was now or never—being a coward wouldn’t get her what she wanted.

“Yes, to both of you.” Her voice was so quiet, she wasn’t sure that she even said the words out loud. But, judging by the way Callan’s smile faded and Cash’s eyes flared, she had. She was about to find out if she’d just made a foolish miscalculation, or if she had just asked for what might turn out to be the best night of her life. Either way, she had nothing to lose.


Callan knew that Cash had heard the nasty rumors about him that were circulating around the bar. Hell, he’d heard them all himself and he knew exactly who had started them. He had taken home a bar fly two months ago, and she was spreading rumors about him like wildfire. Most of them were false, but he was still getting pushback from Cash and that pissed him off. For the most part, Callan kept his nose clean and his head in the game. He’d let one woman turn his head, and now his reputation was shit. She even had her girlfriends coming into the bar and telling Cash that he’d promised them free drinks.

Cash had sat him down and told him to get his shit together, and it pissed him off that his friend bought into the rumors. But he’d let it slide and told Cash to lighten the fuck up. He wasn’t about to explain himself to Cash, or anyone else for that matter. He kept his head down and minded his own business. Well, that was until tonight, when he’d seen sexy little Mercy wander up to the bar. He’d barely made it through his set before telling the guys that he was done for the night. He’d seen that she had taken an interest in Cash and, if he didn’t put his bid in, she’d end up in his boss’s bed.

He’d thought that he had her too—she agreed to get out of there and go home with him. But then Cash had butted in, and now little Mercy was asking them for something that he wasn’t sure they could give—a night with the two of them sharing her. It was something that he hadn’t done before and, from the terrified look on Cash’s face, it seemed that he wasn’t a fan of the idea either.

“Wait, honey, you want both of us—together?” Cash stuttered.

Mercy nodded, suddenly seeming shy and unsure of herself. “Yes, please,” she whispered.

Callan chuckled. “I think this is the first time I’ve seen you speechless, Cash.” His poor friend was standing with his mouth open, staring at Mercy as if he didn’t quite understand what she was asking.

“If you guys don’t want to, or if it’s something that you don’t do, I understand,” Mercy rambled.

Cash shook his head, as if trying to process everything.

“I’ve done it before, princess, just not with Callan. I swore that I’d never do it again either,” Cash growled.

Mercy looked down at the floor, as if defeated by Cash’s rejection.

“Fuck.” Cash turned to Callan.

Callan wasn’t sure if Cash was going to punch him or hug him. The look on his face was a cross between comical and painful, and Callan felt bad for putting his friend through this.

“Will you excuse us, Mercy? Callan and I need to have a little chat.” Mercy nodded, and Cash motioned for Callan to join him back in his office. Callan followed him back, pretty sure that he wasn’t going to like what was going to happen next.

Callan stepped into the dark room and Cash shut the door behind him.

“What the fuck, man?” Cash flopped down in the chair behind his big desk and ran his hands through his long brown hair. “If this is going to happen, we need to come up with an agreement,” he warned. “I won’t hurt her, but, fuck, I don’t think that I can keep my hands off of her.”

Callan nodded his agreement

“I’m with you there, man. It’s been a couple months for me and I want her so badly, I can almost taste her.”

Cash sent Callan a look of disbelief, and he knew the score—Cash believed the rumors. But he didn’t feel like fighting with Cash when he could be fucking Mercy.

“So, how do we do this?” Callan barked.

Cash shrugged. “Damned if I know.”

There was a soft knock, and Mercy opened the door.  Callan knew that if she walked into the small room, they would all be walking out together.

“I’m going to go, guys. I’m sorry that I caused any trouble. I was just looking for a good time and I guess I took it too far.” Mercy turned to leave Cash’s office, and Callan was afraid that Cash was going to just let her walk out. He knew that she wanted them both or neither of them.

Mercy was just about through the door when Cash growled at her to stop. His voice echoed through the office and she stopped in her tracks.

“Please don’t stop me from walking out, only to call me back to tell me this isn’t going to work out. I’m not looking for anything long-term, and Lord knows I’m not ready for anything serious. Just one night, the three of us having a little fun.” Mercy leaned against the door frame, trying for casual, but Callan could tell that she was nervous as hell.

Cash groaned again, and Callan laughed. “You seem to be doing a lot of that tonight, man.”

“Fine. Fucking fine.” Cash stood, crossed the room, and pulled Mercy her into his arms. He sealed his mouth over hers and she seemed to melt against his body.

“My turn.” Callan wasn’t about to let Cash have all the fun.

Cash turned Mercy towards Callan to let him taste her mouth and she willingly let him in, parting her lips to let his tongue find hers.

“Damn, you taste good baby,” Callan growled. He couldn’t wait to taste the rest of her, but he knew that they needed to set a few rules first.

“What are the ground rules?” Callan looked over to Cash, allowing him to take the point, which was no easy feat for him. He liked control in and out of the bedroom, but, if they were going to share Mercy, even for just one night, there could only be one alpha. He was willing to let Cash have that, as long as he got Mercy. That was all he really wanted at the moment.

“We do this upstairs, in my apartment. It’s a one night only event, and then we go our separate ways. We don’t talk about tonight with anyone outside the three of us. And, Mercy, if you agree, you are giving Callan and I complete control. Tonight, you will be ours and you’ll obey every order, or this all ends.”

Cash took a step back from Mercy, as if giving her space to decide if she wanted to move forward with their night or walk away.

Mercy looked confused, and Callan wanted to reach for her, to tell her that it wasn’t as bad as she was imagining, but Cash shook his head, warning Callan not to touch her.

“Ask your question, little one,” Cash growled.

“Will I have to sign a contract?”

Callan barked out his laugh and Cash shot him a warning glare.

“No”, Callan said. “You won’t have to sign anything. You agree to be ours and we take care of you for one night.” He knew that he was getting his hopes up, but the thought of Mercy saying no had him holding his breath. He needed for her to say yes to them, to give them a night. A part of him worried that one night wouldn’t be enough, but he was willing to take whatever she wanted to give.

“What’s it going to be, Mercy?” Callan whispered, almost afraid to ask for fear that she would tell him no.

She looked at Cash, and then up to him, as if giving them the once over.

“Yes,” she breathed.

Callan let out his pent-up breath and she smiled, as if she knew exactly how she was affecting him.

Cash wasted no time, lifting her into his arms and carrying her to the back door that led up to his private apartment. Callan had been up there a few times, going over the finances with Cash, but this visit wasn’t about business. This visit was going to be completely about pleasure and Callan couldn’t wait to take everything that sexy little Mercy just agreed to give them.

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