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New e-book out now!


Travis Sharp watched as Regan’s doctor came out for a visit. He hadn’t seen her around the farm in a while; his curiosity got the best of him and he headed into the kitchen to look for a bite to eat. He always tried to find some excuse to hang around every time Dr. Emily Jude made a house call to the farm. It was as if he was drawn to her—the way she took charge of Regan’s care and didn’t seem to give a fuck about who Star’s father was. He already had a good deal of respect for her and they hadn’t yet been formally introduced.

He entered through the back door, being careful not to interrupt, in case she was there in some official capacity and not just for a friendly visit. He opened the fridge and found a plate of subs that Regan had made for lunch earlier and grabbed one out. He was always hungry, so he was thankful that Jamison and Ash didn’t mind him mooching food from their pretty new bride. They always included him in meals, inviting him to dinners and to hang out with them as a family. Honestly, he appreciated the offer more than they would ever know, but the thought of hanging out with their happy family made his heart hurt. He worried that he would never find that kind of happiness with anyone, especially the type that he was looking for.

Since he’d come out as bisexual years ago, the town had marked him as a pariah. Anyone with different ideals than the local folks was marked with a scarlet letter of sorts, and it was impossible to live down. Jamison and Ash were the lucky ones; they’d found a woman to fit between them and had basically told the townspeople to go fuck themselves. He knew that his chances of finding a woman—or even a man—that wouldn’t care what others thought of them was slim to none.

He shoved half a sandwich in his mouth and almost choked on it when the pretty little doctor came bouncing into the kitchen with Regan. He knew that he looked like a bear that had just gotten caught with his big paws in the picnic basket, but judging from Regan’s expression, she didn’t care.

“Hey, Travis.” Regan’s smile lit up the kitchen and he couldn’t help but smile back with his mouth full of sandwich.

“Hi Regan,” he mumbled around his food. Both women giggled, and he nearly ran out of the room from the embarrassment that he felt. People often misjudged him, based on his size. He stood at about six five and he was as big as a tank, thanks to good genes and his stringent workout schedule. He was often thought of as mean, even menacing, because of his bulk, but he was actually quite awkward in most social situations, and especially around women that he found attractive. And God, did he find Regan’s doctor attractive.

“Travis, this is my doctor, Emily Jude. She delivered Star and has become a good friend. Emily, this is Travis Sharp, our foreman and mechanic here on the farm. Basically, this place couldn’t run without him.”

Emily held out her delicate hand and Travis hesitated. He looked down at his own big hands and cringed at the grease and dirt that was embedded under his nails. He had spent most of the morning under the hood of Jamison’s pickup truck and no amount of soap and water seemed to work.

Emily stood, her hand stretched towards him, waiting for him to reciprocate, and he couldn’t find a good reason not to touch her. Travis gently took her hand into his and marveled at how soft her skin felt against his rough, calloused hand.

“Nice to meet you, Travis,” Emily said softly. Her voice was as delicate as she was, and he found himself leaning in to hear her, catching a whiff of her perfume that reminded him of the lavender satchels his grandmother used to keep in his sock drawers.

He swallowed the lump of sandwich in his mouth and smiled at her.

“Good to meet you too, Emily.” He released her hand and shoved his own into his jean pockets, not trusting himself to keep them off her.

She was beautiful, with her long blond hair pulled back into a sleek ponytail, just right for pulling from behind. Her blue eyes reminded him of the sky on a crisp spring day. He could get lost in her eyes—hell, he wanted to get lost in her body. She had curves that went on for miles and her ass was perfect for spanking. Just thinking about her naked and stretched across his lap had him hard. He needed to get himself together and get back out to the barn.

“Emily is going to be around a lot more,” Regan gushed, patting her belly. It took Travis a minute, as he stared at the two women smiling back at him, but he finally caught on.

“Wait—you’re pregnant?” Travis loved having Star around the farm. Her little smile lit the place up and seemed to bring it back to life. Another baby would be awesome, and he knew that his friends had to be overjoyed by the news.

Regan nodded her head and her smile beamed back at him, mimicking his own. He picked her up and twirled her around the kitchen, causing her to giggle.

“You can put our woman down now before you make her sick,” Ash barked from the doorway. He and Jamison had both come in from fixing a gate that had been damaged in a bad storm the night before. Travis gently put Regan down and crossed the room to shake both Ash and Jamison’s hands.

“Congratulations, guys! Great news about the new baby.” Jamison looked around Travis to where Regan was standing with Emily.

“I thought we weren’t going to say anything for a couple more months, honey.” Jamison cocked his eyebrow at Regan and Travis felt bad for spilling the beans.

“Sorry, Regan,” Travis offered.

She shrugged and shot Jamison her best smile.

“I couldn’t keep our news a secret. Besides, I’m almost three months now and I’m going to start showing soon. And, well, Travis is family.”

Travis felt a lump in his throat at Regan’s mention of him being a part of their family. That was exactly how he felt about all of them. He crossed to where Regan stood and pulled her into his arms for a big bear hug, only letting her go when she choked out that she couldn’t breathe, causing them all to laugh.

Emily’s phone chimed, and she checked her messages. “Shoot, I only have a few more minutes. A patient just went into labor and I’m going to have to head into the hospital. Can I peek in on that beautiful little girl of yours?”

Regan smiled and nodded.

“I’ll see you guys at our next visit. You will need to come to my office, sorry. I know you like your privacy, but I want to do a sonogram.” Emily crossed the kitchen and hugged Ash and Jamison goodbye. She brushed past Travis on her way out of the room, turning to smile back at him.

“Really nice to meet you, Travis. I hope to see you again, maybe on my next visit out to the farm.”

Travis nodded and watched as the beautiful doctor left the room with Regan, leaving him completely spellbound and tongue-tied.

“Well, fuck. I’ve never seen a mute giant,” Jamison teased. He pulled three beers from the fridge and opened them, handing Ash and Travis each a bottle.

“Shut the fuck up, Jamison. I’m not a giant and I know how to talk.” Travis took a long swig of his beer, knowing that the guys were going to give him some shit.

Ash clapped his shoulder. “She is pretty, and I think that she digs our lifestyle.” Travis must have looked as shocked as he felt, by the way both guys chuckled at him.

“I know it’s surprising to find anyone with an open mind in this little town, but Dr. Jude sure does ask a lot of questions about polyamorous relationships. She and Regan have become pretty good friends, you know. They talk all the time. Maybe we could have our girl put in a good word with the pretty doctor for you. Who knows, maybe Emily is into giants.”

Jamison laughed at his own words, but Travis didn’t find him quite as funny.

“Yeah, yeah. I get it. You two laugh it up, but I’m already seeing someone. He lives a town over, where people are a little more open-minded. Besides, we haven’t been going out long and I’d like to see where our relationship goes.”

Travis knew that he was being a bit premature, calling what he and Jackson had a relationship. They’d met at a little gay bar two towns over, and Jackson had asked him out. They had been on two dates, officially, and Travis really liked him.  To add the proverbial icing to the cake, Jackson Saint was a police officer, and he looked extra hot in his uniform. Travis wasn’t ready to call it quits with Jack just yet, even if Emily turned him completely inside out just by flashing him her gorgeous smile.

He wasn’t one to date on the side, either. He always tried to be on the up-and-up with the people that he went out with. The first night that he’d met Jack, he’d told him that he was bi and that he liked women. Jackson felt the same way, and once they’d agreed to go out, Travis stopped looking. Or at least, he had stopped looking until Emily Jude crossed his path. If he was being honest, he’d noticed Emily long before meeting Jack, but that still didn’t make the timing suck.

“Well, from the questions that Emily has asked Regan, she might just be into you and this new guy doing a little sharing.” Ash winked at him and grabbed a sandwich from the platter that Jamison pulled out of the fridge. “Couldn’t hurt to at least think about it.”

Fuck, that was all Travis was going to think about now, all night long. He was probably going to need at least five cold showers to get the image of Jackson, Emily and him, rolling around in bed together, out of his mind.

“Yeah, thanks for that mental image,” Travis barked.

His phone buzzed in his pocket and he pulled it out. It was a message from Jackson. He wanted to get together after his shift tonight, and the thought of the three of them in bed flashed through Travis’ mind again. He shot back a message with his address, telling Jack to bring a six-pack and he’d make dinner. He knew that things were moving fast between the two of them, but he was ready to find someone to share his life with. If that someone happened to be a big, hot police officer, then so be it. Travis was ready for more and, hopefully, Jackson Saint could be that for him.


Emily decided to stop back by her townhome on her way into the hospital. She was sure that her patient would be in labor for a bit longer.

The first-time mother, like all new moms, was a little overexuberant in showing up at Emily’s office, demanding to be checked. She had been in to see her every day for the last week. Emily really wanted to tell her to shut up and go home, that her baby would come when he or she was good and ready, but that would be unethical.

She was already treading thin ice with the hospital HR department for spending too much time with each patient—as if that was a bad thing. She knew that she obsessed about making sure that every one of her patients had the proper care and instructions before sending them on their way. It was just who she was, both in her professional and personal lives. Her mother used to take her to therapy, always thinking that Emily needed to be fixed because of her attention to details. It was ironic how that same focus was what made her an excellent doctor—one of the best in town. She had a waiting list of women that wanted an appointment with her, but Emily only had so many hours in a day.

Her mother swore that she would work herself into an early grave if she didn’t learn to take some time off and enjoy life. But that would require Emily having a life to enjoy. Besides her best friend Mercy, and her new friend Regan, she had no one. Her parents had moved to Europe about four years back, leaving her feeling a little lost and very alone. She was an only child, though, so she was used to being by herself. Her parents traveled extensively while she was growing up, often leaving her with the housekeeper or nanny. They were self-absorbed and didn’t let having a child hold them back from doing exactly what they wanted to do.

Meeting Regan Travers-Black had opened her eyes up to a whole new world. Regan had told her about her lonely childhood and finding the two men that she now called her husbands. Emily could relate to her on many levels and, although Emily’s childhood had been privileged compared to Regan’s, she had felt just as alone and frightened as Regan had, growing up. She found herself asking question after question about her friend’s lifestyle, even embarrassingly personal questions, under the guise of being a curious doctor. The truth of the matter was that Emily found herself yearning to find just one man that would look at her the way Regan’s husbands looked at her friend. She was one lucky girl, and now she was pregnant with her second baby. Emily dreamed of having a family but had decided that she didn’t want to go it alone. Sure, she could take advantage of the advances in medical science and get pregnant without a man, but she wanted the whole fairy tale. The problem was, she wasn’t sure that she even believed in those silly stories anymore.

Emily’s phone rang, and she answered it, knowing that it was probably Mercy doing her daily check-in call.

“Hello,” she shouted into the speaker, as she pulled her shirt up over her head. She needed to change into scrubs and get a move on. The hospital had paged her twice more, asking when she was going to be in. She could only put them off for so long since she was the doctor on call for the weekend.

“Hey, girl.” Mercy’s southern drawl always made her laugh. They’d grown up in the same town, yet her best friend had found a way to sound so much more southern than Emily. Maybe it was the fact that Emily had attended college up in New England and dropped some of her accent, or maybe it was her friend’s way of getting attention.

“What’s up, Mercy?”

She didn’t mean to sound so short, but she was pulling on her scrub pants and about ready to head back out the door. She brushed through her long blond hair, pulling it back into a slick ponytail. Emily made a face at herself in the mirror, deciding that she didn’t have time to splash on any makeup. It really didn’t matter though; women in labor didn’t give a fuck if she looked pretty or not.

“Well, judging from your tone, you are on call this weekend and you have still not gotten laid.”

Emily barked out her laugh at just how right her best friend was. Not only had she not gotten laid recently, but it had been a long time since she’d been with anyone. Her girl parts were about ready to go on strike if she didn’t find a man—and soon.

“Yes, I’m on call. I’m leaving now, in fact. And, no, I’ve not gotten laid and thank you for reminding me that I’m on the longest dry spell of my life.” Emily pulled on her shoes and grabbed her bag that she kept by the front door. She always packed a few essentials for the hospital and kept them on hand.

“Literally,” Mercy laughed.

Emily recounted her words, trying to figure out what she said that was funny.

“Okay, what did I say?” Mercy was always finding hidden dirty double meanings in everything. It was hard for Emily to keep up sometimes. Honestly, her friend had the dirtiest mind out of anyone that Emily had met.

“Dry spell,” Mercy squeaked, cracking herself up all over again. Emily rolled her eyes and locked up her townhouse.

“ ’Kay, I’m hanging up now.” Emily knew that hanging up on Mercy was a bad idea. Last time she did that, Mercy showed up at the hospital with a pillow shoved up her shirt, pretending to be in labor, just to get into see Emily and give her an earful about how polite friends don’t hang up on each other.

“I know that you learned your lesson last time, Em. Besides, I wanted to see how your trip out to Regan’s went.”

Emily smiled. She loved that her two friends liked each other. She’d introduced Regan to Mercy a few months back since Regan was so new to town. She’d had a rough start, with the locals giving her some shit about sleeping with two men at once. Their little town was so backward sometimes, it felt like they were living in a different time.

“It went great. Well, you know she’s pregnant again, and little Star is amazing,” Emily gushed. “Ash and Jamison are over the moon about the news of the new baby.” She audibly sighed and decided that swooning over something that she might possibly never have was a good way to foul up her mood.

“If it went so great, then why do you seem so pouty?”

Mercy’s question had her drawing back as if she’d reached through the phone and slapped her.

“I’m not pouty,” she grumbled, but it was no use; her friend knew her too well.

“Em, I can hear your bottom lip sticking out over the line. You are most definitely pouting.”

Emily slid into her driver’s seat and checked her reflection in the rearview mirror. Yep, she was pouting, although she wouldn’t admit that to Mercy. Hearing her gloat wasn’t on Emily’s itinerary for the night.

“Listen, if you don’t want to tell me about tall, blond and sexy, with all those tattoos and crystal baby blues, that’s fine. A real friend would have shared the dirty details though.”

Mercy laughed at the dramatic way Emily sucked in air. How in the hell did Mercy know about Travis Sharp? She’d never mentioned him, even though she saw him every time that she made a house call to Regan’s. Ahh…

“You talked to Regan this afternoon, didn’t you?” That would explain everything. The pair of them were always trying to fix Emily up with someone. That had to be it.

“It deeply hurts me that I had to hear about this secondhand, Em. I thought that the two of us were tight, but I guess if I want the gossip, I’ll need to talk to my new bestie, Regan.”

Emily sighed at Mercy’s overly dramatic scolding. Sure, she should have told her friend about the sexiest damn man that she had ever laid eyes on, but she wasn’t about to do anything about Travis Sharp, so telling Mercy, and especially Regan, would have been pointless.

“He seemed like a nice guy and that is all—nothing to tell, Mercy.” She shrugged, silently driving home her point.

She wanted to believe her own lie, but she had seen Travis up close and personally. When he’d touched her hand, she’d wanted to fall at his feet and beg him to do whatever he wanted to with her. Since the last time she’d seen him, he had grown a beard and, Lord have mercy, he was fine. The way his short-sleeved shirt tugged around his biceps, she almost couldn’t make eye contact when Regan introduced her to him. She’d been too busy looking at all his muscles and the full tattoo sleeve that he had on one arm.

Emily had wanted to spend the next few days with Travis, naked in bed, finding out what every inked mark on his body meant, but she was a chicken. She’d run away as soon as her damn pager sounded and hadn’t given herself or him a chance.

“Regan thinks he might like you, Em,” Mercy mock-whispered. Emily couldn’t help her laugh.

“Gee, are we in middle school again, Mercy? So, let me get this straight—Travis told Regan, to tell you, to tell me, that he likes me. But does he like-like me or just sort of like me?” She giggled at her own words.

“Laugh all you want, Em. That doesn’t change the fact that Travis is hot as hell, according to Regan, and very willing to take you out and possibly give your naughty bits some much-needed attention.”

Emily stopped laughing at the thought of Travis Sharp anywhere near her girl parts. She flushed at the thought of him with his head between her legs and decided that this phone call needed to end before she ended up in a ditch on the side of the road.

“Yeah, I thought that would get your attention. Listen Em, just think about it, about him. And call Regan. Maybe this guy could be the one.”

Mercy sounded so hopeful, and Emily didn’t want to dash her friend’s hopes. Emily knew that she meant well—her and Regan both did.

“Fine, I’ll call her tomorrow. Right now, I need to get to the hospital. I have an expectant mother coming in and she thinks she’s in labor—again.”

Mercy giggled at Emily’s tone. She knew how out of hand some of Emily’s patients could get.

“Well good luck with that. Love you, girl.” Mercy hung up the phone before Emily could say it back.

Emily knew that her friends were right about one thing—she needed to get laid. But finding a man that fit into her crazy schedule was just about impossible. And here she was dreaming about finding not just one, but two men.

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