New book! Last chance to pre-order at 99c
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New book! Last chance to pre-order at 99c

This is book 4, the last book in KL Ramsey’s Last First Kiss series, Theirs to Take. This book is probably the hottest book this author has written for BVS.  The e-book is available to pre-order at the bargain price of .99 cents until June 13.  This is a great series of books we are delighted to share the Prologue and Chapter one with you.



Ivy Scott watched Slade going in and out of Pandora’s Box, the BDSM club that he ran, not able to take her eyes off him. He was the most beautiful man she had ever met, and the way that he looked at her, watching her around the bar, made her hot. Tonight, he had on a pair of ripped jeans, and his black leather jacket, that she knew smelled like his cologne. He wore his blond, shoulder-length hair pulled back, which always made his blue eyes stand out and look fierce. Ivy shivered at the thought of those same eyes looking at her, finally seeing into her heart and soul and finding her worthy. That was all she’d been able to think about for the past year, but she wasn’t quite sure how to go about making it happen.

After he’d finished at his club, Slade spent most of his evenings at Manholes. He sat at the bar while she worked, watching her wait on her customers. He would stay until close most nights, helping her to lock up and telling her to have a good night before getting on his motorcycle. In her mind, she knew that she was making it more than it was, but her nightly fantasies involved Slade asking her to get on the back of his bike and him taking her back to his place. Hell, if she was being completely honest, her fantasy was to have Slade take her into the club to show her exactly what he liked to do to the women that went in there.

Last year, her boss, Cash Harrington, decided to do something with the building that he owned, next door to his bar. She never dreamed that he would open a BDSM club, but she was naïve. Especially given the fact that the bar that she worked in, Manholes, was primarily a gay bar and that Cash was in a committed threesome with his friend Callan and their woman, Mercy.

This world was a new one for Ivy, especially since she had never been with a man, or woman for that matter. At twenty-five, that wasn’t something that she shared easily with people. She had become close with Mercy, but she still hadn’t told her friend that she was a virgin. It was embarrassing to admit, but Ivy had other boxes on her “to do” list to check off. Finding someone to take her virginity hadn’t seemed like a priority to her, but now it was all she could think about.

She ducked down in her car, when Slade glanced her way, not wanting to give up the fact that she was sitting there thinking about all the ways she would like for him to touch her. Ivy would die if Slade found out that she fantasized about him being the one that she would give her virginity to. He’d probably laugh in her face and tell her to get lost, once she admitted that she was a virgin. Slade didn’t look like the type of man that fooled around with women that had no clue as to what they wanted, sexually. But, God, she wanted him.

Every night she watched him ride away on his motorcycle, she’d head back up to her apartment and take a cold shower, trying to forget how good his ass looked, straddling that seat, or how his broad shoulders flexed when he turned on the bike. Most nights, the cold shower didn’t work and she would touch herself, fingering her throbbing clit until she cried out his name, wishing that he was the one touching her, licking her, and fucking her senseless.

Instead, every evening, just before the club opened, he would show up at the bar and order dinner and a beer. After, she would watch him walk next door and into Pandora’s Box, usually with some hot, thin brunette or curvy blond on his arm.

Women lined up to have their turn with the new dungeon master in town, and the thought of him touching them nearly did her in. A few times, when he’d show up to the bar after he was done playing at the club, she wanted to tell him to leave her the fuck alone. She had even told Cash that she was going to quit a few times, not wanting to stick around to watch Slade walk back into that club with another woman. Cash would always talk her down, telling her that she should just talk to Slade and tell him how she felt. Ivy usually ended up telling Cash to forget the whole thing, and she’d end up back at work the next night, to repeat the torture of watching the man that she wanted walk arm in arm into that damn club with another woman.

Ivy knew that she couldn’t stack up to those women. She was friendly, but shy, and the thought of coming right out and asking for what she wanted, sexually, scared the shit out of her. Most guys treated her like their little sister, telling her that she was cute or even adorable. She hated being called those two things. Really, couldn’t the male population come up with better adjectives to describe her? She was sick of not being found hot or sexy. Just once, she wanted to see desire in a man’s eyes when he looked at her.

Ivy sighed, knowing that, if she wanted to be taken seriously, she was going to need to kick up her game and take control of her own destiny. Tonight, was going to be that night—maybe. She knew that she had to stop being a chicken and take Cash’s advice to tell Slade just how she felt. But the thought of him avoiding her, once the truth came out, made her sad.

She had come to enjoy their talks, late at night, when the bar was slow. She liked the way he laughed when she told a corny joke or made fun of herself for being a klutz. Ivy counted Slade as her friend, and losing him because she had the hots for him didn’t feel like a viable option. No, she couldn’t just blurt out that she was a virgin and that she wanted Slade to deflower her. Did anyone even say that anymore? God, she felt pathetic.

Mercy had lent her an outfit to wear to the club, and Emily had helped her to figure out how to wear contact lenses so she could leave her nerdy glasses behind for the night. Regan had even come over to her little apartment, to help her apply her makeup and do her hair. It truly took a village to get Ivy ready for her night at the club, so backing out now would not bode well with her friends. Ivy smoothed her hands over the leather corset that Mercy had picked out to go with the naughty schoolgirl skirt that barely covered her ample ass. Mercy assured her that she looked curvy and sexy, but Ivy felt more like a frumpy nun, rather than a sexy Catholic school girl.

Ivy closed her eyes and took a deep breath—it was now or never. Members were starting to enter the club, and she knew that she needed to get in there and claim her spot. She wanted to be spanked tonight, and she knew just whom she wanted wielding that paddle—Slade.

Cash had warned her that Slade wouldn’t go easy on her, but she was sure she could take it. She wanted whatever he was willing to give her, she just hoped that Slade was willing. The thought of him turning her away or giving her to someone else, for her first time, scared her to death. But if she admitted that she had zero experience, he would definitely turn her out and then she would never lose her virginity. One way or another, she needed for that to happen tonight, and hopefully at the hands of Slade and not a complete stranger.


Slade Kelly spent most of the afternoon unloading supplies for the rooms, into the dungeon. As Master, it was his duty to make sure that everyone was safe and well-cared-for. Once in a while, he had to break up a scene that was out of control, or throw out a Dom who didn’t know what the hell he was doing. But, for the most part, his job was a dream and things ran smoothly. He hoped that tonight would be no exception, because all he could think about was finishing up work and heading over to Manholes to talk to Ivy.

He loved their time together, and he especially liked watching her curvy ass wiggle when she wiped down tables or shimmied her way around customers. Yeah, he had it pretty bad for the curvy blond, and he wasn’t quite sure what to do about her.

Ivy was different from the women that he took to the club. He wasn’t attracted to those women, usually just going through the motions, giving them what they needed from him. But Ivy made him crave more, which confused the shit out of him. He hadn’t been in a relationship for almost seven years. That was back when he and Cash had played with women together.

They’d fallen in and out of relationships, never staying too long with one woman. Cash liked to keep things casual, and he had to agree that was easier. But then they’d got involved with Jasmine, and Slade had thought that she could be the one. Cash wasn’t buying it though, and when Jasmine admitted that she was in love with Cash and not him, it had hurt. Cash hadn’t felt the same way about Jasmine and, days later, she’d taken a bottle of sleeping pills and ended her life, in Cash’s bed.

It had taken years for Slade to finally get over Jasmine and forgive Cash. When his old friend had called him last year, offering him a job to remodel the building next to his bar and turn it into a BDSM club, he’d almost turned him down. But he’d decided that it was time to forgive and move on. They had both made mistakes and it was time to let Cash back in and to stop punishing them both.

It was good to see his old friend happily settled with Mercy and Callan. They had a beautiful family, which made Slade long for one of his own. First, though, he needed to find a woman to settle down with, and then he could think about a family.

Truthfully, he missed sharing women, like he and Cash used to. Even though Cash was straight, he hadn’t seemed to mind the fact that Slade was bisexual. Slade had known the score—his friend had wanted to share the women that they brought home and not be sexually involved with Slade. That seemed to work for them, but a part of Slade knew that he needed more. The fact that Cash had found another man that he was willing to share his woman with, gave him hope. His lifestyle wasn’t really the norm around the area, but more people were coming into the club every night, and that gave him hope that, someday, he’d find what he needed.

Slade had had a few encounters with male clients at the club, but he really liked when a committed couple came in, looking for a third to play with. His dream would be to end up in a poly-bi relationship with a woman and a man, but that was like wishing for a unicorn riding a rainbow with a leprechaun on its back.

People were starting to trickle into the club, and Slade started taking requests and assigning playrooms. There was a good crowd tonight, and he hoped to get some time to go through the storeroom and organize their latest shipment. Otherwise, he’d miss seeing Ivy and, that had become the highlight of his day.

“Um, I’d like to be spanked please,” a shy voice pleaded.

Slade looked up from his desk to see Ivy’s blue eyes looking down at him. He could see just how unsure she was of herself, and that thought tugged at his heart. This was not the kind of place Ivy should be in. She was too innocent—even he knew that. Cash had warned him not to play with her, and the more he got to know Ivy, the more he had to agree with his friend. Ivy was something special; he just wished that she could see that.

He looked her over, not quite knowing what to say to her request. He thought she might be joking, but judging from the black leather corset and tiny mini skirt, that barely covered her sweet ass, she probably wasn’t.

Slade stood behind his desk, letting the chair scrape across the concrete floor.

“Ivy, what the fuck are you doing here?” he barked.

She jumped, seeming a little on edge, and he instantly regretted his tone. He cleared his throat, willing himself to rein in his temper. The thought of anyone putting their hands on Ivy, or anyone else granting her request and spanking that luscious ass of hers, had him seeing red. There was no way that he could let that happen.

“I think I’d like to be spanked, Slade. Please.”

Fuck, how was he supposed to say no to her when she was standing in his office, looking good enough to eat and begging him to spank her ass red? Slade crossed the small room and barked up front to his new assistant, Scarlett, to handle the rest of the check-ins. She nodded, and he slammed his office door shut, making Ivy jump again.

What the hell was wrong with him? In the few seconds since she had entered his office, he had raised his voice and made her jump with fear—twice. He needed to get himself under control. Without it, he would be no good to her.

“Ivy, honey, tell me why you are really here.”

She didn’t look at him, lowering her eyes to the floor. He hated that he made her feel so unsure of herself. If she could just see herself the way that he saw her, she would never doubt how fucking sexy she was ever again.

“Look at me, honey,” he growled. Ivy’s blue eyes shot up to meet his and she gasped, parting her sexy, fuckable lips. God, what he wanted to do to those lips of hers, but he needed some answers first. If Ivy wouldn’t tell him what she really wanted from him, then he’d send her on her way. For him, communication was key. Without it, she would end up meeting the same fate as Jasmine had, and that was unacceptable to him.

“Good girl,” he praised, when she maintained eye contact with him. “Now, honey, I need for you to tell me what you want from me,” he whispered. He was standing so close to her that he hurt from the physical need that he felt just to touch her. Denying himself wasn’t something that he was used to doing, and not touching Ivy felt like a denial.

“I’d like for you to spank me, Slade,” she whispered, leaning into his body.

He groaned. “Tell me what else you want me to do to you, Ivy.” She seemed unsure of herself again, even closing her eyes to hide from him. “Eyes open and on me, baby,” he reminded.

She looked at him, gifting him with her sexy smile that nearly took his breath away. He waited for her to overcome her shyness, but that might take some time. He was willing to wait because Ivy would definitely be worth waiting for, he was sure of it.

“I want everything, Slade. Sign me up for the deluxe package.” She giggled at her own joke and he shook his head at her, not quite able to hide his own smile. God, he wanted this woman.

“We don’t have packages, Ivy.” He smirked. “You’re going to have to tell me what you want, and you’ll need to be very specific.” Slade knew that he was making Ivy go the extra mile, but having her under his thumb was fun. He couldn’t wait to have her under his body, so he was hoping that they could speed things up some.

“Hmm, well—that makes this more difficult. Let me think,” Ivy said, tapping her finger to her plump lips. “I know that I’d like to try spanking and I would probably like to try my hand at giving a blow job. Honestly, I think I’d like to try a little bit of everything, but tonight we should start slow, since this is all new for me.” She glanced down at the floor and back up to meet his eyes. “That is, unless you don’t want me, Slade.” She pouted, and it took every ounce of his resistance not to push her down onto his desk to show her just how much he wanted her.

Slade froze at Ivy’s words. Did she mean that being in a sex club was new for her, or that sex was new? Either way, she was sending up a lot of red flags and his gut was screaming at him to send her packing. But his gut wasn’t the one in charge, apparently. That job seemed to be falling to his cock, and he wanted to play with Ivy. In fact, his dick was demanding the chance of playing with the sexy little barmaid standing before him, begging her to spank her ass. Slade groaned, pretty sure that his unruly cock was going to win the battle and he was a goner. Ivy Scott was about to find out just how much he wanted her, and he hoped like fuck that she could handle him.

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