Naval Manoeuvres is out today!
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Just a quicky this morning. Lol, I have heard that somewhere before.  I would like to share a couple of bits of news.  Naval Manoeuvres is out today.  I will be doing a blog on that tomorrow.  Our newsletter is out now.  Was kind of cool, I got to put some thoughts into the newsletter this month.  Great to be involved.  You can sign up for the newsletter.  Or see it on our BVS Facebook page.

We are still looking for reviewers and bloggers if you want to join in the fun, please click the link.

I’d love to hear your comments here on the blog, the BVS Facebook page, or my Facebook page. We have a twitter page too and we are always happy to follow people that follow us.

Our latest and soon to be released books. Black Velvet Seductions

Out of the Shadows by Gabriella Hewitt is out now!

A Woman’s Secret by C.L. Koch is out now!

Love times Infinity by K.L. Ramsey is out now! Click here to read Chapter one.

Her Lover’s Face by Patricia Elliott is out now! Click here to read the Prologue and Chapter 1.

Naval Maneuvers by Dee S. Knight is out now!

Perilous Love by Jan Selbourne Will be available for pre-order sale price of $2.99, soon.  Until the release date 29th March.

Patrick by Callie Carmen date to be confirmed.

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