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We are never far away from another conversation about book covers. When working for a publisher it is almost inevitable.  Thank you for the comments on the last blog on the subject of book covers, I love reading your views on the subject.  Jessica does a fantastic job with our covers, she has been recovering our back catalog as they go onto Kindle Unlimited.  I love her covers, such a great eye for design.

We have another cover entering the AllAuthor Book Cover Contest, Patricia Elliot’s Book Her Lover’s Face 

Please click here and vote for her cover.  The contest runs for the month of August. And you can vote every seven days, so please go back to her and vote again. You can also send the link to your friends, and ask to vote.

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A Woman’s Secret by C.L. Koch.

Love times Infinity by K.L. Ramsey. Click here to read Chapter one.

Her Lover’s Face by Patricia Elliott.  Click here to read the Prologue and Chapter one.

Naval Maneuvers by Dee S. Knight.  Click here to read Chapter one.

Perilous Love by Jan Selbourne. Click here to read the Prologue and Chapter one.

Love’s Patient Journey by K.L. Ramsey Click here to read the Prologue and Chapter one.

Patrick by Callie Carmen. Click here to read Chapter one.

Love’s Design by K.L. Ramsey. Click here to read the Prologue and Chapter one.

Shadow Visions by Gabriella Hewitt, Out Now!

A Bride for a King by L.J. Dare. Click here to read Chapter one.

The Brute and I by Suzanne Smith. Click here to read Chapter one.

Coming soon.

Love’s Promise by K.L. Ramsey The e-book is available to pre-order now at the sale price of $1.99 until the release date August 8th.

Home by Keren Hughes, release date to be confirmed.

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