Mom, I’ve cherished every moment spent with you.
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I am in a reflective mood; it is Mother’s day here in the UK.  I have been considering how we use our own emotions in our writing.  I was chatting to Ric the other day, and he was telling me about his first published story.  He said the final edits were written in the shadow of his father’s death, and that he drew on his emotional responses and energy to finish the book.  I have read it.  It is a deeply emotional story, it made me cry.

I wonder if you have used that level of emotion from your personal life in a story?  How did you feel about sharing something that intimate, so personal?

As it is mothers day here.  I wanted to share a couple of notes, I gave to my mum on Mother’s Day.  I was only young, maybe 7-8 with the first one.  I was about 11 when I wrote the last one.  I found both notes in my mum’s jewelry box a little while ago.  I keep them with me.  Kind of feels good to share.  I draw on these feelings when I write.

Your sweet, gentle spirit, your warm, tender ways,

The laughter and love that you share:

If I searched the world over, I never could find a mother who’d ever compare.


Dear Mom,

In the dark, you’re a light which blooms as the flower blooms in the morning sun. You are an amazing person and Mother. Thank you for all you have done and do for me.

I love you.


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