Ménage, bi, and gay. The best of both worlds?
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Ménage, bi, and gay stories. Are they the best or worst of both worlds? Sorry for the gap in the blog.  I wrote this for Thursday, but there was some debate in the office over research on this one, so I wanted the chance to consider this subject again.

We do have Ménage à trois scripts submitted to BVS and have a few in print.  We consider that three people in a relationship can add an interesting new dynamic to a story. And we have heard back from readers that stories like Their Lady Gloriana by Starla Kaye, Engaged to the Earl by Carolee Croft and our Anthologies First Submission and Uniform Desire have elements of threesomes, with bi, and gay elements to the various plots are hot.

Not all writers want to delve into these murky waters, for a variety of reasons, not least of all may be religious. I am certainly not wanting to tread on any toes here; I am simply putting my thoughts down on the topic.

Working in romance publishing, the topic of sex comes up quite a bit, both at work and with writers I know.  Threesomes and moresomes is not a topic that gets debated a lot, but it is clear some people take part. I have known people that swing, and once went to a fetish night at Ric’s studio, where there were people who had polyamorous relationships.  I mentioned it to a boyfriend once, not to take part in a threesome, but more to gauge his reaction on the subject. His reaction was interesting in an FFM scenario, not unsurprisingly he would consider exploring, but an MMF scenario was an absolute no-no.  Close contact with another man seemed to freak him out. It won’t surprise you to hear that chatting to girlfriends openly in a bar the opposite was true. MMF a possibility, FFM, not a chance.  I chatted with a lady writer friend of mine privately.  She confided in me, that she would not say in a public situation, due to the fear of being judged or considered a pervert by her friends, but she had considered a scenario with another woman joining her and her husband in bed if it were the right lady. That made me consider that what we would say publicly and what we feel in the privacy of our own minds might be wildly different?

I read two totally conflicting pieces of research. The first I looked up, the survey said that, out of 2000 women surveyed: 1/3 of women surveyed fantasized about having anal sex, being spanked, whipped, photographed, filmed, or having sex with two men. If it was even mentioned about women being with women it was so small of a percentage that it didn’t make the survey.  I read in the Nancy Friday book Women on Top, she stated from her research that a lot of ladies fantasize about sleeping with another woman. I have not read of anything that has done the same kind of research for men’s fantasies. Is it that the media think we should be kinkier than we are, or is it that we just don’t talk about it publicly that much?

I was wondering, from the writers and readers perspective, if it was the same thing. People would say publicly that ménage, bi, and gay stories, didn’t interest them. But in private they were more relaxed on the topic.  Certainly, our sales figures would seem to back that up.

What draws writers to the subject? Simple curiosity? Or maybe that it gives them more opportunity to write more varied sex scenes.  The varieties are interesting it should be MMF, FFM, FFF, MMM. I am sure these variations throw up some religious worries, but that aside, I would be interested to hear how writers who are interested in this subject, tackle this topic.

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