What do men think about during sex?
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Who can get into a man’s mind especially during sex? It has been a long weekend. I went to a party last night, but a lot of the weekend I have been reading this fabulous novel. I am sorry I missed the blog yesterday.  I have been thinking about topics for the blog, and I remembered a throwaway line that came in as a response to an earlier blog. She asked, what goes on in a guy’s mind when having sex. When making love my boyfriend has a funny look on his face.  Is it concentration or what?  I thought it a good and valid question.

From my own experience, working out what is going on in a man’s mind is almost impossible at the best of times. I asked a boyfriend once what he was thinking about when we were having dinner.  He replied he was thinking about checking the tire pressures on his car. So when I read the question from the reader, I thought, who can tell?  He might be thinking about the car’s next service for all I know.  For that matter what do women think about during sex?

At the party, I chatted with a friend. She said, her boyfriend only likes making love in the missionary position. That while laying there looking up, she thought, that the ceiling needed a mural painted on it.

 I did read Scott Muska’s entertaining blog on the subject.  13 thoughts (most) guys have during sex.  It is worth a read. Most seems to be performance worries, either about not pleasing their partner and concerns about premature ejaculation.  Both of those are very natural anxieties, and I imagine most women worry about similar matters.

Something new to think about after making love? For me, I can never remember. I kind of lose myself in the moment.  It might be worth asking your partner what they are thinking about during sex when you are relaxing after making love.

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