Men in kilts hot? Or not?
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I had rather a saucy picture sent to me by a guy, I normally dismiss such things but it was not the typical dirty picture; it was this guy in a kilt.  It was pretty inoffensive and I mentioned it to a writer friend who begged me to look at it.  We then had the conversation about men in kilts. My friend finds men in kilts very hot, and I wondered how common that is.  I asked some other girlfriends at a bar the following night.  And the consensus is men look good in kilts, as long as they are wearing boots and not dress shoes with socks.  The question for me, is why? It isn’t men look good in a skirt.  Men in kilts usually are uber masculine. So I asked the girls, one said it was the accessibility, and the mystery of whether he’s wearing underwear.  I would love to hear your opinion of kilts in general. What is it you find hot about that?  Is it the no underwear aspect? I had a boyfriend once that had this fantasy about me going out in public commando, while wearing a skirt.  As it was a dare I thought I’d try it, but I am not sure I’d do it again.  Have you ever tried that? How did it go, was it good or bad?

I have spent time thinking about men in kilts, well a girl has to do her research right?  It is well worth a google. I also watched a few movies, Braveheart, Rob Roy, and I do see the appeal of a man in a kilt. I also like the TV shows, and the first two books of Diana Gabaldon’s story Outlander.  There is even a BVS book Dark Awakening by Karlene Cameron.


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