Love Times Infinity is out today!
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We are very pleased to announce that K.L. Ramsey’s book Love times Infinity is on sale now!

Here is Chapter One, a little flavor of why I love this story.

Chapter One

“Perfect, a flat tire. No, really, this is just what I needed, Universe, a show of just how stupid this entire idea was.” Karlie kicked the quickly deflating tire, just for good measure. Really, her luck had gone completely downhill since her moronic decision to travel home, at the last minute, for her little sister’s wedding. What kind of person tormented herself by attending the wedding of the only man that she ever loved and her only sister?

Karlie opened the trunk to her aging Civic and groaned. All of her crap needed to be moved to get to the spare tire. “Please be there, please be there,” she chanted, hoping that the spare wasn’t taken out by her loser ex when he borrowed her car last month and forgot to return it for a week. She was done with men. Done! This time, she really meant it. She seemed to only attract losers since Jake had dumped her for her sister. Her five years younger, prettier, nicer, skinnier sister. She’d given Jake seven years of her life. She loved him, and she knew that one day she would be Mrs. Jake Ashbrook, but now that name would be Jenna’s.

Jake had told her that he was bored, that he and Jenna hadn’t meant to fall into bed together. That sex with her sister was an accident but life changing in a way that he couldn’t ignore. Karlie was sure it had nothing to do with Jenna’s new boob job that transformed her from a 12-year-old boy into a full D-cupped Jessica Rabbit. Yeah, her sister’s new boobs were life changing all right. Her sister’s life had changed for the better while her life had gone down the toilet.

After she found them in bed together, Karlie knew she couldn’t stay in Alabama. She had to leave their little town and her family and friends and just go. She needed to be somewhere that no-one knew of her heartbreak. No-one pitied her for her sister’s betrayal or her scummy ex’s decisions. She had moved on, and the last eight months had been hard. She had to learn not to rely on her family. She didn’t call home unless she absolutely had to check in, usually every other week, just to keep her parents happy. Her call home last night had led to her hastily packing her suitcase and gassing up her prehistoric car to drive from Georgia to Alabama. Her mom could persuade a saint to confess to sin. Her latest guilt-laden rant about how her only sister was getting married and that Karlie needed to grow up and act like a 25-year-old instead of a five-year-old, had just about sent her over the edge.

“She’s getting married to my ex-boyfriend, Mother,” Karlie hissed when her mom accused her of not having a heart. “That would make Jenna the heartless one! They slept with each other while Jake and I were still together.” Karlie knew that she was shouting at a wall. Her mom had already made up her mind that Jenna deserved to be married to Jake.

“She’s pregnant,” her mom confessed.

That was it. Karlie hung up the phone and cried herself to sleep that night. The next morning, she was up by 6 a.m., showered and packed, with her car keys in hand, ready to leave. She sat for hours, in her car, arguing (out loud) with herself why she shouldn’t go. In the end, she was determined to be the bigger person about the whole situation. And it didn’t help that her mom had made her feel guilty. Jenna was her only sister and she was going to have a baby, a niece or nephew. Karlie wanted to be part of that baby’s life. Eight months would be long enough for her to hide in Atlanta. She needed to go home to Madison, even if it was just for a weekend, and face her family. That included Jenna and Jake. She could deal with the pity in people’s stares and whispers behind her back for three days and then she could just jump back into her car and head back to her new life in Atlanta. As a planner, this seemed like a good plan to her.

“Thank God,” she squealed as she twirled around with the tire iron in hand. “The ass didn’t take the spare.” But the $200 cash that she kept hidden with the spare was nowhere to be seen. Troy, her ex-boyfriend from Georgia, could have the cash and just stay the hell away from her. She was done with him and all other men. She grabbed the spare and lifted it out of the car, which was no small feat. Guess her eight-month absence from working out had taken its toll. But what was the point? If a guy was going to look past her over a few extra pounds, then he wasn’t her guy.

No guy was her guy and who needed one anyway?

Well, maybe a guy would be helpful at this particular moment. But luckily her father had made sure that he taught his daughters to be independent. Tire Changing 101 was one of her father’s first Saturday classes he’d taught them in his, “you don’t need a man,” school of life.

Blowing out a hot breath, she tucked her hair behind her ear, trying to remember what to do first. She needed to get her tire changed before the sun went down. It was starting to get a little chilly already. May was lovely in Alabama with warm days and cooler nights. Her shorts and T-shirt would do for now but in a few hours, she would need her sweatshirt again. “Okay, now I need the jack. Son of a Bitch!” No jack. “That fucktard took my jack.”

She threw down the tire iron, swearing and stomping her feet on the asphalt. The tire iron hit the road and bounced back, hitting Karlie on her shin. She exploded with curses, hopping around, holding her throbbing shin as a black Ford pickup pulled up behind her car. Her luck really couldn’t be this bad.

Drew Jackson jumped down from the driver’s seat with a shit-eating grin on his face. Yes, her luck really could be this bad. She wanted to hide, run, get back into her car, and drive straight back to Georgia. She picked up the assailing tire iron and looked straight into those beautiful green eyes of his. Big mistake. His smile grew even bigger and more beautiful. Huge mistake. She pretended to contemplate the hand that was holding the tire iron.

“Um, hi,” she squeaked.

“Hi.” His voice was just as sexy as his eyes, all gravely and deep. He just made her want to melt into a puddle, right there on the road. “Need some help?” he asked, moving a little closer to her.

The sun was directly behind him and she had to shield her eyes with her free hand to inspect his face. She’d forgotten how tall he was. At 5’5”, she felt like nothing standing next to his 6’2” frame. She’d also forgotten how broad his shoulders were and how good he could make an old black T-shirt and a pair of Levi’s look. She glanced down at the road again, taking in his work boots and her bruised shin.

“Help?” she said. “Why would I need help?”

He touched her hand that held the tire iron. “To, um, change a tire maybe?”

“Oh yeah, no,” she said, trying to get free of his grip, “I can change a tire on my own, thanks.” She took a step back because, God help her, if he touched her again, she might lose the ability to speak at all. He was smiling again and took a step closer to her, eliminating the comfortable distance she thought she’d given herself.

“Changing your tire might be a little easier with a jack, don’t ya think? I don’t see one around. Why don’t you let me give you a hand and then we can both head to your sister’s rehearsal dinner and get there before it’s over.”

“How’d you know about my sister’s rehearsal dinner?” Karlie squinted back up at him, trying to decide if she would believe what he would say, even before he said it. Trust issues much? “I mean, how did you know that I would be heading to the rehearsal dinner?” Geeze, she even sounded accusing.

“Easy,” he said as he brushed a lock of her short blond hair back behind her ear.

Her knees actually buckled until she got a hold of herself and locked them. He must have noticed because his arms were around her waist so fast that she dropped the tire iron again, this time on his foot. He didn’t even flinch. “Steel toe boots,” he whispered, staring at her mouth.

She could feel the heat in his stare, his desire…for her?

“What?” She tried to back out of his grip. Unfortunately, there was nowhere to go. She retreated into her car’s back bumper and smacked her head on the open trunk lid. “Fuck.”

“Language,” he teased.

“Sorry, it’s just not my day. I should have stayed home, like I planned. Now I’m here, on the side of the road with a flat tire and in the arms of a man I didn’t think even knew my damn name eight months ago.”

He tightened his hold around her middle. “Oh, honey, I knew your name,” he drawled. “You like to cuss more than any woman I’ve known.”

“Well, you don’t really know me, now do you, Drew?” She was done standing on the side of the road. Done being held by this man who smelled like heaven and was close enough to kiss. Her eyes fixed on his mouth and he seemed to notice. His body stiffened.

“You shouldn’t look at me like that,” he rasped.

“Like how?” Karlie asked.

“Like you want me to kiss you. Because right now, darlin’, I want to do just that.”

“See, I don’t think you know my name, Drew. It’s not honey or darlin’, it’s—”

Then Drew’s lips were on hers, sealing over her mouth. His tongue slid across her closed lips, begging to enter. She gasped as he pulled her closer, grabbed her ass, and squeezed. That seemed to be what he wanted as his tongue entered her mouth. She licked him back and he moaned into her mouth. It was a good thing that he was holding her up because she couldn’t even feel her legs. He ended the kiss, leaving them both panting with the loss of air.

“Baby, I know your name. I know who you are, and I have wanted to do that since I first saw you, after I moved here in twelfth grade. You were the hottest girl in the senior class, and I knew I would never have a chance with you. I also knew that you were in love with Jake and that he’d have killed me if I ever even dared to touch you. I know you, Karlie Angel.”

Karlie felt a breath catch in her throat as she sighed. She snuggled into his arms and wiggled her butt, just enough to distract him. His hands were still on her ass and his fingers flexed. Good, she still had his attention.

“How would you like to be my date for my sister’s wedding?” She felt heat rise to her cheeks. Yeah, judging from Drew’s grin, she’d actually asked that.

Drew released her and took a step back. He was going to say no, she could see it in his face. His smile was meant to be polite. Okay, it was her fault for forgetting her new rule about swearing off the male population. She’d take his rejection and call someone to come pick her up. She was so close to her parents’ house, she could practically walk there with her suitcase and still make it to most of the rehearsal dinner in town.

“Sure, I’d love to be your date.” His southern drawl and sexy smile held her attention as he stared down at her.

“You would?” she squeaked. “You don’t have to if you already have a date. Or if you weren’t invited, you could be my plus one.”

“No, I’m invited. I don’t have a date, and I would love for you to be mine.” His sexy smile was back in place and he actually winked at her. How was she supposed to deal all of this? With him? His outrageousness was off-the-charts sexy, making her stomach do flips.

Again, she had nothing to say. How did he leave her speechless? No-one had ever left her with nothing to say, not even Jake. As for that, no one had ever kissed her like Drew just had. No one had grabbed her ass and…

“You’re doing it again,” Drew moaned.


“Stop looking at me like you want me to kiss you, unless you’re ready for me to do just that.”

“What if I am?”

He took two long strides to kiss her again. This time, she was the one moaning and licking his lips. He opened for her and she kissed her way in, sucking his tongue. He started to back away from the kiss and she lightly nibbled his bottom lip, sucking it into her mouth. He went crazy. His hands were all over her, scorching her everywhere he touched. Her hands flew to his light-brown hair, in need of a cut and sexy as hell. He lifted her up as if she weighed nothing, getting a better angle on her mouth. He cupped her ass, pressing her to his growing erection. Again, she groaned into his mouth and wrapped her legs around him. His hand went to her breast. With his seductive touch, even over her cotton T-shirt, her nipples hardened.

Suddenly, Drew put her down and shoved her behind him.

She all but fell head over ass into her trunk.

“What? Why?” she asked.

“We have company.”

How had she not heard the car pulling up behind his pick-up?

“Oh God,” she moaned. “My parents.”

Drew chuckled.

Yeah, he was genuinely laughing at her.

“This is not funny,” she said, slapping his bicep, noting how big and hard his muscles felt under her palm. It took her a minute to remove her hand.

“Well, darling, here you are,” her mother said as she got out from the passenger side of the car. Her dad still hadn’t moved from the driver’s seat. He was staring at Drew through the windshield, as if sizing him up.

“Hi, Mom. Hi, Dad.” Karlie smiled at her father and waved. He didn’t move.

Drew started walking toward her dad’s open window. What the hell was he doing?

“Hello, Mr. Angel. I was just helping Karlie with her flat tire.”

Drew’s smile didn’t seem to have the same effect on her father that it had on her. Her father didn’t smile back.

“Yeah, Dad,” Karlie said, “he was. But I was just explaining to Drew, here, that I don’t need any help to change a tire. You taught me everything that I needed to know.” Her nervous smile was not returned by her father either.

“Yes, sir, and I was just explaining to your daughter that a jack might be helpful in changing her tire.” Drew’s smile turned smug as he turned to face her. He sauntered back to her side and grabbed her hand to lace their fingers together, bending to give her a quick peck on the lips.

“Drew,” she said, “my parents are—”

“Right here,” her father finished. “And from what we saw driving down the lane, you two weren’t actually discussing anything. If that’s what young people are calling tire changing these days, it’s no wonder there are so many stranded vehicles on the sides of the road.” He looked back and forth between Karlie and Drew.

Karlie could feel the heat coming from her face.

Still holding her hand, Drew cleared his throat and turned to her father. “Well, sir,” he said, “Karlie and I haven’t seen each other in a while and we were just catching up.”

“Huh,” her father grunted. “Well, as I recall, you are both supposed to be at our Jenna’s rehearsal dinner right now. Why don’t you leave your car here, Karlie? We can take care of the tire after dinner.”

“Sir,” Drew said, “Karlie can ride with me, since she has agreed to be my date for the weekend.”

Karlie whirled around to look at him. “For the weekend?” she questioned. “I thought we were just going to the wedding together?”

“Naw.” He grinned. “I’m the best man. I need a date for the rehearsal dinner too. You game?” He squeezed her fingers and bent to brush his lips to hers. This time, he lingered a few seconds.

Her father cleared his throat. “I really don’t care who she rides with. We just need for all of us to get to the restaurant.”

Karlie could tell that her dad was done with Drew’s public displays of affection for her. And her mom was…smiling at them? Usually Karlie could count on her mom to chide her for her decisions in men, not smile at her approvingly.

“Wait,” Karlie said. “You’re the best man?” So what if it took her a minute to catch up? Things were moving way too fast right now. All of this touching and kissing and touching was just throwing her off her game. “How are you the best man? You and Jake weren’t even friends when I left here eight months ago. How are you two best friends now?”

“We aren’t,” Drew said. “He and my brother are best friends. But my brother is on active duty in the Navy and he got shipped out two days ago. Ryan asked me to step up in his place and be Jake’s best man.”


“And now I will have the prettiest date at the wedding.” Drew was once again tucking a strand of her hair behind her ear.

Such a sweet gesture, standing in for his brother. Why hadn’t she ever noticed Drew before? Sure, she remembered him from high school and from parties around town. He never seemed to really even notice her, with all of the other girls in town throwing themselves at him. How did he need a date for the wedding?

“I think that you are sweet to stand in for your brother,” she said. “I would love to be your date this weekend, thank you.” She smiled up at him, forgetting her parents until they both cleared their throats.

She turned to them. “We can leave my car here and I will ride with Drew, but I need to clean up and change before the rehearsal dinner. I certainly can’t go like this.” Karlie gestured to her shorts and T-shirt, and her mom nodded.

“Can I shower at the house and then we can meet you at the restaurant?” she asked her mom as she and Drew got her suitcase and put it into his extended cab.

“Well.” Her mom shifted from foot to foot, obviously nervous. She couldn’t seem to look Karlie in the eyes as she went on. “Your sister is staying with us, along with all of her bridesmaids. It’s bad luck for Jake to see her before the wedding and Jenna really wants a traditional wedding.”

“Yeah, that’s really worked out since she’s pregnant.” Karlie felt bad the moment she said it. It was going to take a lot of practice to not be snarky about her sister’s new situation.

Drew coughed, not a real cough but one to grab her attention. She looked up at him as he was closing her trunk and he was not smiling.

“Sorry,” she mumbled. “I’ll try harder.”

Drew approached and linked their fingers together, throwing her off balance.

“So, where am I supposed to stay,” she asked her mom, already knowing her answer.

“Um, a hotel?”

“Is there a special hotel in town where the wedding guests are staying?” At this point, Karlie just wanted a quick shower and some place to crash.

Her mother started to twist her hands together, a sure sign that she didn’t want to tell Karlie the next part. “Well, yes, but they are completely booked.”

“Everywhere is booked,” her dad said. “A big convention for NASA was in town.” He went on to explain that she couldn’t even get a rental car let alone a hotel room.

“Great.” Karlie threw her hands up and let them fall, slapping them against her thighs, forgetting that her and Drew’s hands were linked.

Drew just laughed. Then he faced her. “How about you stay with me?”

“You? Seriously?” Karlie countered. “How can we stay together? We really don’t even know each other. Up until a few minutes ago, I thought you didn’t even know my name.”

Adorable, the way his brows furrowed, and his eyes squinted as he studied her. “How can you say we don’t know each other? That’s ridiculous. We’ve known each other since senior year.”

“Look, I didn’t mean to upset you. I just don’t want you to be uncomfortable with me staying at your place.”

“I want you to stay with me. I have a house and you can have your own space, if you want.” He raised their joined hands and kissed her fingers, one at a time.

Her insides melted, and her knees felt weak again. She had to hold back her moan.

“Okay, fine. I’ll stay at your place, with you.” She just wanted a shower and to get tonight over with.

“We’ll meet you at the restaurant,” her dad said.

Her mom gave them a smile and a wave as she got into the passenger side.

Drew helped her up into his truck after he double-checked that her car was all locked up. It was nice, the way that he helped her, even though she didn’t need the help. He slid into the driver’s seat and gave her one of his panty-melting smiles. Yeah, that was nice too. She could get used to those smiles.

No. She was only there for three days, to be the bigger person, and then she was going home to Georgia.

But that didn’t mean she couldn’t enjoy her date for the weekend first, right? No, no, no. No men! She would just need to keep repeating her new mantra to herself. How could she have thought that living with Drew for the next three days was a good idea? It was the worst idea she’d had in the entire eight months since leaving Alabama. She would need to be on her toes with him and take lots of cold showers. Yeah, another plan. That’s what she needed. She would stay in the furthest room she could from Drew’s master bedroom.

“Buckle up, honey,” Drew said as he took her hand, linking their fingers. How had that become something she’d gotten used to already? “We’ll be to my place in five minutes.”

Five minutes to get her racing heartbeat under control. Five minutes to get her traitorous body under control. Five minutes to silently chant her new mantra. Karlie buckled up, knowing full well that it was going to be a long five minutes.


Love Times Infinity is the first book of The Relinquished Series.  Book two to be announced shortly.


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