At Black Velvet Seductions, we publish across a wide range of romance sub-genres. Our lines represent all romantic genres from soft sweet romance to supernatural romance, domestic discipline to highly erotic romance stories containing D/s and BDSM relationships.

We are looking for authors who take something ordinary and make it extraordinary.  We want stories with well-developed multi-dimensional characters with back-stories, a high degree of emotional impact, with strong sexual tension between the heroine and hero, and stories that contain strong internal conflict.

Rather than asking our writers to produce formulaic plot lines, we invite authors to write their best stories and to submit them to us. We prefer stories told in the third person viewpoint, but will consider first person narratives. We put the emphasis on romance, rather than just the erotic. Although we will consider a high level of erotic content, it needs to be in the context of a romance story line. The plots may twist and turn and be full of passion, but please remember that our audience likes a happy ending.

There are some things we will not consider. There are very few sexual taboos and we tend to give our authors the widest latitude.  If it is safe, sane, and consensual, we encourage our authors to explore the subject matter and show us the eroticism.  However, we will not consider manuscripts with any of the following: bestiality (sex with animals), necrophilia (sex with dead people), and pedophilia (sex with children).

We accept everything from short stories to super length novels.  As a guideline, eBooks start at approximately 8,000 words and print books start at approximately 30,000 words and there is no upper limit.

In particular, we are seeking:

    • Action and adventure romance

    • Historical romances, especially westerns

    • Soft tender romance

    • Capture/Bondage/BDSM romances

    • Dominance/submission/power exchange romances

    • Romance stories in which the hero and heroine practice some form of domestic discipline (eg spanking)

    • Paranormal romance

  • Erotic romantic suspense

Do not be afraid to approach us with a non-traditional character or plot.

We are interested in a wide range of submissions from tender romance up to the raunchiest of stories but the key is that the stories MUST be well written and well developed.

We only accept submissions as Word Documents in an email attachment.

When submitting manuscripts, we require a synopsis of the plot and characters. This should be easy to do in a few sentences; think goal, motivation, and conflict. We require the full manuscript.

Submissions for any of our lines should be sent to:

Please also include any and all social media links you will be using for your book promotion.

Please note we no longer accept submissions by traditional mail.

For writers needing help with their manuscripts we suggest trying Laurie Sander’s online workshops.