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Harvest Ridge Series Book 3


Torren Harrison liked to play the field but when he plans to settle down, no one takes him seriously.

Torren Harrison is finished playing the field and dating his way through Harvest Ridge. He’s become the joke of the town and he’s ready to turn over a new leaf. Torren buys a fixer upper and works on rebuilding the old house and his crazy life. He just about pulls off a total transformation when a hot, single neighbor shows up with her adorable twin girls in tow. Torren doesn’t give himself many rules, but his number one personal law is: never date a single mother. Sexy Tana Cahoon has him breaking all his rules.

Can a stressed out, mother of two, who is also the town’s new librarian, tame the town’s bad boy?

Tana and her girls need a safe haven and they find just that in Harvest Ridge. She moved her little family across the country, to escape her abusive ex-husband, when he threatened to kill her. Meeting Torren wasn’t a part of her plan and falling in love with him shouldn’t be so easy. When Torren risks everything to save her and her twins, Tana realizes that love wasn’t something she was searching for, but it found her just the same. Will Torren’s love be enough to keep her and her girls safe, when trouble catches up with them?