Description :

The Story Of Jess & Aver

Giving Love A Chance

K. A. Neeson

How many people break up with their boyfriend, not talk for three months, then wake up one day and marry them right off the bat before they officially get back together again? Yes, that’s right. Married. Hell, I know it sounds crazy, but the conventional way (getting back together to work things out first) doesn’t usually work; we’ve seen that fail too many times. As nonsensical as it sounds, it could actually work...

Within a short time frame, I experienced love, loss, reconciliation, and heartbreak. This is the story of my revelation, how I almost single-handedly destroyed the best thing that had ever befallen me, and the incidents and events that followed. My name is Aver, and this is my story. 

“K.A. Neeson deftly accesses these difficult subjects and palpably carves out for the reader what everyday simple experiences are like for someone with General Anxiety Disorder, whether they are falling in love, going through the ever so common waiting-room-anxiety, or experiencing tragedy. This is one exciting new writer to keep an eye on in the future!”
Sophie Kiwala, MPP
Kingston and the Islands