Description :

Theirs to Have

Last First Kiss Series Book 3

K. L. Ramsey

Mercy Parks is sick of sitting on the side lines and watching everyone around her fall in love. One crazy night out, lands her in the middle of Dom bar owner, Cash Harrington and accountant by day/singer by night, Callan McAllister. She asks them for one night together, with no expectations and no strings attached, hoping that the guys will agree to share her. After their one-night turns out to be more than she bargained for, Mercy must decide if it’s worth telling two head-strong Doms about their baby.

A one-night stand, between two sexy men, leaves Mercy with more than just steamy memories.

Cash swore that he would never share a woman again, but Mercy proves to be more than he can resist. When his friend, Callan, shows an interest in sexy little Mercy, he agrees to give her what she asks for—one night between the two of them. When he discovers that Mercy took more than just memories from their one-night-stand, he must convince Callan to share the woman that they both crave, or chance losing her and their baby, forever.

Could telling her Doms, about their baby, be the biggest mistake of her life?

Theirs to Have is the Third book in The Last First Kiss ménage series.