Description :

Last First Kiss Series

Books 1-4

K. L. Ramsey

Theirs To Keep: Book 1

Jamison Black and Ashton Travers were tired of playing the field; wanting to find a woman to share between them and settle down with. Their plan to hire sexy Regan Starr, as their ranch’s new cook, seems like a perfect idea. She’s an ideal fit for them and it doesn’t hurt that they both find themselves instantly attracted to their sultry new employee.

Regan is running from her abusive step-father and finds herself in between two hot alpha men, who want nothing more than to make her theirs. Small towns gossip, especially when kink is involved, and her guys like a whole lot of kink. Regan discovers that Jamison and Ash aren’t completely honest with her and she questions her decision of jumping into bed with the two of them. When she finds out she is pregnant, her alpha men go into overdrive, to convince her to let them in, and spend the rest of her life being theirs. Can these demanding, alpha cowboys’ desire for her be enough for Regan to give her heart to them and become theirs to keep?

Theirs To Love: Book 2

Emily Jude had lived a privileged life until she went against her parents’ wishes and became a doctor. Her passion was to help people and that wasn’t something she could give up. She secretly dreamed of finding two men to make her theirs. But that was just a fantasy, sparked by her friend’s stories of finding not one, but two men to ignite her deepest desires. Emily had all but given up on finding even one mister right, when Travis Sharp and Jackson Saint both dare her to give them a chance to show her how good a threesome can be.

 Jackson can’t deny that he wants Travis, but worries that he won’t be able to give him everything that he needs? Travis’ desire for Emily is evident, every time she walks into the same room as the two of them so why is he denying them both? Jackson will pull out all the stops to put the three of them together, in the same bed, because that is all he dreams of. Can Jackson keep the two people, who have become his world, safe when trouble comes to their door or will his reality destroy the life that he has built with Travis and Emily?

Theirs To Have: Book 3

Mercy Parks is sick of sitting on the side lines and watching everyone around her fall in love. One crazy night out, lands her in the middle of Dom bar owner, Cash Harrington and accountant by day/singer by night, Callan McAllister. She asks them for one night together, with no expectations and no strings attached, hoping that the guys will agree to share her. After their one-night turns out to be more than she bargained for, Mercy must decide if it’s worth telling two head-strong Doms about their baby.

Cash swore that he would never share a woman again, but Mercy proves to be more than he can resist. When his friend, Callan, shows an interest in sexy little Mercy, he agrees to give her what she asks for—one night between the two of them. When he discovers that Mercy took more than just memories from their one-night-stand, he must convince Callan to share the woman that they both crave, or chance losing her and their baby, forever.

Theirs To Take: Book 4

Slade Kelly was trying to put his past behind him and move on from the tragedy of losing the woman that he loved and shared with his best friend. Opening a BDSM club seemed like the next logical step until the innocent, sexy little Ivy Scott walked into his club, begging him for things she might not be ready for.

Holden Kade loved letting Slade control his body, but they both craved more in their relationship—namely the curvy little waitress who worked at their favorite bar. When Holden asked Slade to put Ivy between them, he refused, not wanting to repeat his tragic past.

After Ivy walked into the BDSM club, dressed like both of their wet dreams, asking for them to give her everything they’d wanted and so much more, they both decide to take what they want. Will Slade and Holden be able to give her what she desires and make her Theirs to Take?