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I am excited about our newest releases! Love’s Patient Journey by K.L. Ramsey is available to pre-order.  Here is the Prologue and Chapter One. I hope it hooks you like it hooked me.


“Jenna honey, you can do this. You will do this!” Ryan was at her side, holding her hand.  She couldn’t help but squeeze back because another contraction had started. And, boy the woman seemed to have super strength.

“Ryan,” she screamed his name, “he’s ripping me apart! It hurts so bad.”

“I know, honey, but I need you to push. Hold onto me and push as hard as you can.” The nurse pulled Jenna’s leg up at the knee and told Ryan to hold her leg for her so she could bear down. Ryan didn’t even hesitate, he grabbed her leg and wrapped his other arm around Jenna’s shoulders, hugging her close.

“It will all be over soon, sweetheart. You just need to push this little guy out.” Jenna nodded and started to bear down.  She was screaming and pushing and Ryan felt a surge of pride, though he knew he had no right.

“That’s it, honey, keep pushing.”

The doctor told Jenna that he could see the baby’s head. Ryan dared a look and not only saw his little head but also part of his shoulders. God, Jenna was right, he was ripping her apart. Ryan bent down to kiss Jenna’s forehead, whispering how proud he was of her. He couldn’t believe how incredibly strong this woman was. He’d never think of her as a girl again – that was for sure.

Jenna started squeezing his arm again, signaling another contraction. “Push, honey. You’ve got this. He’s almost out.”

She pushed with one loud scream and the doctor held up her baby. He was covered in white, waxy stuff and blood and Ryan had never seen anything more beautiful. The little guy started squawking after the doctor suctioned out his mouth and nose. Ryan looked at Jenna – she had tears streaming down her face, looking at her son.  He felt like he was intruding like he should leave but he couldn’t bring himself to leave either of them. Jenna squeezed his hand and looked up at him.

“Do you mind,” she said in between sobs, “if I give him your name as his middle name? I’m thinking Zachary Ryan – would you be okay with that?”

Ryan brushed away tears from her cheeks. “I would love that, honey. It would be an honor to have this little guy named after me,” his voice was gruff with emotion. The nurse handed little Zac to Jenna, all swaddled and sucking his thumb, soothing himself. God, he was beautiful. Jenna seemed to fall instantly in love with the little guy. She was talking to him and cuddling him, already a good mom. Ryan knew that she would be a wonderful mother.

He backed away from the two people who had come to be pretty important to him, in such a short amount of time.

“Congratulations Jenna,” he whispered to her and turned to leave.

“Wait, Ryan – where are you going? Don’t you want to hold him? You don’t have to leave, please.” He looked back at Jenna, her eyes pleading with him. She took his breath away.

“I’d love to hold him, but he’s so small,” he worried. Jenna just laughed and patted the side of her hospital bed for him to sit down.

“You won’t break him. He’s not made of glass.” She handed Zac to Ryan, resting her head on his shoulder to watch the two of them.

“I’m so tired,” she yawned.

“Yeah, well – you did work pretty hard.” Ryan smiled down at her.

“Thank you for being here with us,” Jenna said sleepily, “I couldn’t have done it without you.”

“Well, that’s not true, honey. I didn’t do anything,” he couldn’t help himself, he kissed Zac’s little forehead and then kissed Jenna’s, too.

“Well, you being here meant a lot to us.” Jenna bent and kissed Zac’s forehead. “But, I’m really tired. I think I need to sleep,” she said around another yawn.

“Okay, honey.” Ryan put Zac into his little bed, giving him one more kiss.

“Will we see you tomorrow?” Jenna asked, hope in her voice. Ryan couldn’t help his cringe, hoping she wouldn’t notice. “It’s okay if you don’t want to come back, I understand. You’ve already done so much for us.” God, she looked so disappointed. He hated what he had to do next but it was best for Jenna and Zac. Jenna didn’t need a life built on promises. She had a new baby to take care of and a life to live, without him.

“Jenna, I -” he stuttered, “I just found out today that I have to ship out again tomorrow. I got the call when Drew and I were on our way back to the hospital. I’m so sorry honey. I didn’t want you to think – well, I don’t know what I want you to think.” He was looking at the floor, unable to look Jenna in the eyes. Zac started squirming and fussing and as if on cue, a nurse entered the room.

“Someone’s hungry,” the nurse lifted Zac and handed him to Jenna. “You ready to try nursing, honey?” Jenna nodded and with that, Ryan slipped from her room.

He knew that leaving was what he had to do, his duty; but every fiber of his being wanted to go back into Jenna’s hospital room and just be with her and Zac.  Ryan shook his head and started down to Karlie and Drew’s room. He needed to say his goodbyes and head home to pack up.  The next six months belonged to Uncle Sam.

Chapter One

“Zac – NO! Why would you color on the wall?” Jenna knew that her question would be answered by an adorable, “I no-no Mommy.” But, still, she felt the need to ask her son, silly as it might be.

“Zachary Ryan, you go to your room while Mommy cleans up this mess. You think about what you have done and when you’re ready, you need to come back out and tell Mommy that you’re sorry.”  Her almost two-year-old son just stared at her, like she’d gone mad. Jenna grabbed the sponge and cleaner that she kept under the sink. This wasn’t the first time her little angel decided to make art on her kitchen wall.  Zac toddled off, hopefully to his room and not to get into any more trouble.

Some days Jenna really wished she wasn’t doing this all alone. She had her family; her mom and dad were great with Zac. They were always taking him for the night, telling her to go out and meet someone. Yeah, like that, was going to happen. Most guys weren’t looking for an exhausted twenty-two-year-old single mom with an ex-husband who was in prison.  Her dating days were on hold, for now. Zac was her priority.  Well, Zac and putting food on the table and a roof over his head.

Her sister Karlie also tried to help out, as much as she could, but she had her own family to look after. Karlie and Drew often included Zac in things that they did with their daughter, Jemma. Jem was born just after Zac and they played and fought like siblings. Jenna loved spending time with Karlie’s family. Drew and Karlie worked as a team to take care of their daughter. Jenna often wondered what it would be like to have a partner in crime to help tackle Zac’s crazy energy.

Jenna was just about finished cleaning up Picasso’s latest masterpiece when she heard the toilet flush, followed by Zac’s, “O-oh.” Sighing, she stowed the sponge and cleaner back under the sink and hesitantly walked to his bathroom.

“No!” she shouted, running in, sloshing water all over the bathroom, into the hall.  “Zac, what did you flush down the potty?” He only shrugged and started splashing his bare feet in the toilet water on the floor. “I no-no mommy.” Yeah, she got it. Sighing, she got out some towels to soak up the water. This was going to require a lot of work and another shower for her and Zac. Thank God bedtime was in just two hours.


Three hours later, Jenna collapsed onto her sofa, exhausted. Her day had consisted of dirty diapers, crayon artwork on her kitchen wall and she dug five matchbox cars out of Zac’s potty, along with half a roll of toilet paper. Her mountain of laundry could wait until tomorrow. For now, her glass of wine and television remote were going to get her through the rest of the evening.  Most nights were like this for Jenna. She usually stayed in with Zac, trying to keep him on a schedule.  She already imposed on her parents enough and hiring a sitter for a chance to escape for a few hours was out of the question since her budget was already stretched pretty thin. Child support wasn’t happening since Zac’s father, Jake, was in jail for trying to kill her sister and brother-in-law.  Hopefully, Jake would be in jail for a long time to come. The judge had given him everything that she could. Jake’s father had hired some high priced attorneys to handle his case. Being a Senator had afforded Mr. Ashbrook the luxuries of money and power. His father all but disowned him when he got Jenna pregnant and caused a scandal in their little town. He didn’t want the bad publicity, so he wrote his son off. With Zac in the picture now, the Ashbrooks decided that helping Jake was their only option, if they wanted a relationship with their grandson.  Jake was currently serving 8 to 10 years. She constantly worried that he would get out and want to have a relationship with Zac but he never met his son and she had no plans of changing that. She would get letters from him or his lawyers, asking her to bring Zac in to see him, during visiting hours.  She even got threatening letters, saying that he could get a court order that would require her to bring Zac in to see him. She knew that he was bluffing. He didn’t have any desire to meet his son. He made that clear at his trial. The only reason that he even pursued the issue was because of his parents. Barbara and Scott Ashbrook were also sending Jenna letters, many of them threatening, wanting to see Zac. Jake’s parents were paying for all of his legal expenses. In return, they wanted him to establish parental rights so they could request grandparent rights to see Zac. It was a huge mess that Jenna knew wasn’t going to go away any time soon. As far as she was concerned, they could just stay away from her son. She and Zac were doing just fine on their own.

Jenna found some reality show about Housewives and turned it on, mindlessly watching and sipping her wine. Yeah, just what she needed to take her mind off of her day. The ladies on the show were going on about their personal problems. Like, having too much money with nannies and big beautiful houses with pools and servants were really problems.  Still, Jenna would not trade her life with Zac for any of those things. She fought hard for what they had. Her parents gave her and her ex the down payment to purchase her little house. She got the house in the divorce settlement and it was the perfect place to raise Zac. His preschool was around the corner and she was only minutes from work. She was lucky enough to work for her dad’s engineering firm as a personal assistant. It wasn’t what she wanted to do with the rest of her life, but for now, it paid the bills. Her dream was to go back to school and become an interior designer. She loved every show on HGTV and found herself dreaming about decorating a big, beautiful log cabin someday.

She would love a little cabin, in the woods for her and Zac. She fell in love with Drew and his brother Ryan’s cabin in Tennessee. They had taken her and Karlie there when they were hiding from Jake. That seemed so long ago now.

She had heard from Drew that Ryan was doing well. She knew that he was nearing the end of his service as a Navy pilot but that was about all she had heard. She was afraid to ask Karlie or Drew too much about Ryan for fear that he had found someone and was happy.   Not that she didn’t wish for Ryan to be happy, but she had always secretly hoped that he could be happy with her.

Jenna shook her head, trying to erase her last thoughts of Ryan. She had spent way too many lonely nights thinking about him. He played the starring role in her fantasies, late at night, after Zac was tucked into bed. She even thought she had seen him in town about a year after Zac was born. She ran after him but he seemed to vanish into thin air. When she asked Karlie if Ryan was home on leave, later that week, Karlie acted as if she was tongue-tied. She told Jenna that Ryan was still deployed but Jenna got the feeling that her sister wasn’t exactly telling her the truth.

After she and Ryan shared Zac’s birth she thought that she would at least rate a postcard from his latest destination. But, she heard nothing from Ryan the past two years. So much for naming her son after him. She learned her lesson (again) and moved on. She decided that Ryan leaving and her failed marriage to Jake were signs that she needed to grow up and take responsibility for herself. She thought that she was doing a pretty good job of it too. Zac seemed happy and pretty well adjusted and Jenna was doing just fine without a man in her life. She had her fantasies and her vibrator to keep her company. What more could a girl want? Ryan Jackson, that was what, or more likely who she wanted. But some men are better left to fantasy because real life never seemed to measure up.


Jenna must have fallen asleep because she woke to the sound of someone pounding on her front door and drool running down her chin, onto her pillow. Wiping her face with her sleeve, she realized that it was still dark out.

“Shit, that’s going to wake the baby.” She stumbled up, trying to find her bearings to make it to the door.  The television was still on but now an infomercial for knives played. She found the remote and turned off the TV only to hear someone pound on her front door again.

“I’m coming,” she hissed at the closed door. She looked out the peephole to see Ryan Jackson, in all his 6’ 3” glory, standing with a sour expression on his gorgeous face. What the hell? She had fallen asleep thinking about the man and here he was, banging down her door after two years of nothing. Not one single word. She thought about not answering but then he raised his big fist to pound again and she couldn’t risk Zac being woken.

“What the hell do you want, Ryan?” She growled at him as she swung open her front door, leaving the old wooden screen door between them. Ryan pulled back his raised fist and shoved it into his front jeans pocket.

“I – um, I was in the neighborhood and thought I’d stop by, princess.” God, she hated when he called her that. She was far from living like a princess, anyone could see that. Well, anyone who had stuck around long enough to notice. Ryan sure hadn’t done that.

“We are not friends, Ryan. You don’t just drop by someone’s home, in the middle of the night because you were in the neighborhood.” She put her hands on her hips, blocking her entrance, waiting.

Ryan, the big, beautiful man, just smiled at her. “Well, I thought that you might still be up since it’s only 9 pm. I didn’t know that most people considered that the middle of the night. Maybe I’ve been away a little too long, sweetheart, but if I remember correctly we were good enough friends for me to be in the delivery room when Zac was born. I’d say that makes us pretty damn good friends, considering I’ve seen all your lady parts and all.” He winked at her and was still smiling his sexy as sin smile.

Jenna didn’t know what to say to that. He was right, he had seen her at her most vulnerable but then he left her. He just walked away from her after making her feel like she mattered. Maybe it was just her hormones or the loss of her marriage but she thought that Ryan had feelings for her. She was wrong, she knew that now, but it didn’t make it hurt any less when he walked away from her so easily.

“Ryan, I don’t have time to stand here and talk to you about my lady parts. I have to be up early in the morning with my son. I have to get him to school and then go to work.  Princess or not, I have responsibilities. So, if you will excuse me, I am going back to sleep because when you have to wake up at 5 am, 9 pm is the middle of the night.” She started to shut her front door, but Ryan had opened her screen door and put his big work boot in the door frame before she could completely close it.

She knew better than to fight with Ryan; he was so much bigger than her and if he wanted in, he’d be in. He just stood there with his hand over hers on the door. She felt an awareness that she hadn’t felt in years. Her body tensed and she looked into his beautiful green eyes.

“Yeah, you feel that too, huh?” He was rubbing her hand with his thumb, making the tingling more intense. It was like she could feel his touch down in her core.

“Ryan, I -” she pulled her hand out from under his, breaking the connection. “I have to go to bed. I’m tired and have an early start tomorrow.”

Ryan barked out a laugh, “Yeah, Zac has school and you have work, on a Saturday?”

Jenna felt her face get hot. She knew she had turned bright red. How had she forgotten that it was Friday night? Oh yeah, because unlike the rest of the town, Friday night for her was just like any other weeknight.

“I know it’s Saturday, tomorrow,” she defended. “I just forgot for a minute. You woke me up with all of your pounding and I’m a little foggy. It has been a long day. You’re lucky that you didn’t wake up Zac with all the noise you were making.”

Ryan looked over her head and laughed, “Um, I think I may owe you an apology.”

“Mommy -” Zac was standing behind her rubbing his little eyes. He had climbed out of his crib, again. She turned to find him in his little Superman pajamas, still snuggly from sleep. She picked him up, cuddling him close. He laid his head on her shoulder and started to suck his thumb.

“It’s okay, baby,” she soothed Zac, running her hand over his blond, curly hair. His eyes shot directly to Ryan.

“Who dat?” Zac said around his thumb hanging from his mouth. Ryan stepped forward, smiling at her son, seemingly mesmerized by him.

“Hi, Zac. I’m Ryan, a friend of your mommy’s.” Ryan held out his big hand to shake Zac’s. Zac took his thumb from his mouth and shook Ryan’s hand, getting slobber all over him.  Much to Jenna’s surprise, Ryan didn’t seem to mind. He even laughed when Zac put his little thumb right back into his mouth after the handshake exchange was over.

“Sorry,” Ryan apologized looking now at Jenna. I didn’t mean to wake the both of you. I didn’t really think about him being this big now. Geeze, have I been gone that long?”

Jenna couldn’t help but nod at his question. “Yes, you have been away that long, Ryan. Two years is a very long time. Friends don’t just drop out of friend’s lives for two years, without any word.” He stopped looking at her, dropping his gaze to her floor. He seemed embarrassed and she immediately felt bad for her words, wanting to take them back.

“I know that it seems like I dropped out of your life,” he all but whispered, “but I was around. When I was in town, I asked about you and even saw you a couple of times. I just didn’t want to mess up your life by popping in and out of it whenever I pleased. It wouldn’t have been fair to you or to Zac.”

At the mention of his name, Zac lifted his sleepy head off of Jenna’s shoulder and reached out his arms towards Ryan. He seemed to hesitate, not knowing what to do with Zac’s outstretched arms pleading to be held.

“It’s okay, Ryan, you can hold him if you’d like.” Jenna started towards Ryan, to hand Zac off to him and God, he smelled good. His scent was like old spice and soap all mixed up together. Ryan took Zac from her and her son smiled up at him, causing Ryan to laugh out loud. Jenna had a feeling that Ryan didn’t do much laughing these days. She noticed that the lines in his face were a little more defined than the last time they were together. She stood staring at him as if studying the changes she saw in him.

“You’ve changed,” she didn’t mean to say it out loud. It almost sounded like she was accusing him of something instead of just making an observation.

“How so, princess?” Ryan seemed mesmerized by Zac and vice versa. The two were a pair, studying each other. Zac reached up to Ryan’s lips and pulled his full bottom lip up over his top lip, making him pout. Zachary laughed around his little thumb, causing Ryan another full belly laugh. Jenna couldn’t help herself, she joined in. Watching the two of them play with each other’s faces just brought her joy. Seeing Zac take to Ryan so easily gave her hope and that was the last thing that she needed. She didn’t need Ryan giving her false hope, again. Jenna decided to leave the two and make a cup of hot tea for herself, needing some distance from Ryan.

When she made her way back into her family room with a sippy cup for Zac and two mugs of hot tea, she found the pair of them on the floor, playing with Thomas the Tank Engine. Ryan was even making train noises, much to Zac’s delight.

“Why are you here, now?” She needed to know what had changed. Ryan just told her that he couldn’t bring himself to disrupt her life, coming and going.

Ryan looked up from where he sat, with Zac. He looked so unsure of himself, of what to say next, so he said nothing and continued to play trains with her son. She wanted to let that be her answer, knowing that he didn’t want to talk about it, but she just couldn’t let it go.

“You are here, now – why? What’s changed?” Ryan didn’t look away from Zac and his toys.

“I’m leaving the Navy, princess. I’m thinking about sticking around for a while and putting down roots. I’ve missed so much time, with my family and I want to stay here in Alabama for a while.”

Jenna just stared at Ryan, not really knowing what to say next. He was giving her that damned hope again and he needed to cut it out.

“Listen, Ryan, it was really nice to see you but like I said earlier, you can’t just drop by after not being around for the last two years. I can’t have you here one minute and gone the next. That’s what you did last time and it hurt. I can’t let you do that to Zac.”

Ryan nodded his head as if agreeing with her. He stood, leaving Zac to play with his trains and made his way to where Jenna stood. He was standing directly in front of her, causing her to crane her neck to look into his beautiful green eyes. He looked so much like his brother, just more intense. He seemed to always have something on his mind, so serious. She wanted to run her fingers through his short brown, unruly hair or maybe smooth away some of his worry lines on his forehead. She kept both hands on her warm mug of tea, not chancing fate. If she touched him now, she wouldn’t want to stop. She had wanted the man since she was just a girl. She made a complete fool of herself, following him around when she was 13 years old. He was 19, at the time and a man. He didn’t want some teenage brat following him around. But she had and it was pretty pathetic. Right now, he made her feel like that 13-year-old girl with a major crush on the hottest guy in town.

“Jenna, you’re right. I had no right to come here, I can’t even explain why I did. I just couldn’t stay away from you any longer. I needed to see you, to -” He seemed to hesitate again but then reached his hand up and ran his fingers lightly down her cheek. “I needed to touch you. For the past two years, you and Zac were all that I could think of. You changed my life, that day in the hospital. You and Zac changed me. I want things now that I never thought I did, like a family.”

He looked back at Zac and smiled, seeing the toddler still playing with his trains. “I was wondering if I could take you to dinner, one night this week. I’d like to take you both to dinner.” He turned his attention back to Jenna, searching her face as if silently pleading with her to say yes.

“Ryan, I don’t know if that’s a good idea.  I can’t just uproot Zac’s schedule for a night out. He’s not used to going out.”

“Okay, how about we get some pizza and eat in? I just want to get to know you, both of you. Please? I’ll even pick up a Redbox movie, your choice.”

This made Jenna smile. She hadn’t seen a movie that didn’t involve cartoon characters in ages. She couldn’t quite see Ryan watching Big Bird sing the alphabet. She looked back at Ryan and saw so much hope in his eyes, she could only nod.

“Yes? You’ll have pizza with me?”

“Yeah, we’ll have pizza with you. How about tomorrow night. Saturday’s are more relaxed and Zac can go to sleep so we can watch an adult movie. It’s been ages since I’ve seen a good horror movie.” She flashed him a smile, causing him to chuckle.

“Horror movie, huh? I pegged you as someone who’d be too afraid to watch a scary movie.”

“Yeah well, that’s half the fun of it. Besides, if I get scared I’ll just sleep with all the lights on.”

Ryan reached down and gently brushed her cheek again, “Do you do that a lot – sleep with the lights on?”

Jenna nodded, looking down. She was ashamed to admit that she was afraid of many things. The first being losing her son. With all of the written threats from the Ashbrook’s lawyers, she slept with the lights on a good deal. Sometimes, late at night, having a light on was all that kept her sane. But, she never admitted that to anyone else, she especially didn’t want to worry her family.

“What are you afraid of Jenna?”  Her gaze shot up to look him in the eyes and she saw so much fury there, it frightened her. She shivered and looked back to the floor. His fingers gently lifted her chin until her eyes met his. She felt like his stare could go straight through her.

“Jenna – are you afraid of me?” His eyes darkened and he looked at her so intensely, all she could do was shake her head.  “Well, you should be afraid of me, honey. I’m no good for you. That’s why I stayed away as long as I have. I just couldn’t – I just needed to see you. God -” he ran his fingers through his hair, tugging on the ends. “I couldn’t stay away any longer. I thought about you and Zac so much over the past two years. Every time I came into town, to visit Drew and Karlie, I drove myself crazy with wanting to see you. I even kind of stalked you,” he grimaced. “About a year ago, in town.”

“I knew that was you!” Jenna slapped his bicep and was treated to his flex of muscle. She quickly took her hand away, as if he scorched her. “Karlie and Drew had me believe that you were still deployed. I thought that I was going crazy. I’ve thought about you too, this past couple of years.”

Ryan’s face lit up, “Yeah?” He wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her in a little more closely. She put her hands up to his chest, holding herself at a distance. Well, as much of a distance that he’d allow.

“Ryan, I just don’t think this is a good idea. Zac’s -” She looked into the family room to find Zac asleep on the floor, holding a train in each hand. “Adorable.” She finished her thought with a sigh. Ryan turned to see the sleeping toddler and nodded.

“Yeah, he’s pretty damn cute. He looks just like you. He has your blue eyes and your hair color.” He turned back to face her, “And he’s got my name. Please tell me that you don’t middle name him when he’s bad.” He smiled at her, causing her insides to go liquid.

“I do have to middle name him a lot. He likes to get into trouble.” Ryan pulled her a little closer, Jenna gasped. “Ryan, really – I don’t think this is a good idea. I mean, we just seem to clash.”

Ryan leaned in and smelled her hair. What the hell? He sniffed her! “Yeah, I know this is a bad idea, princess. But I don’t have any better ideas right now, so -”

He took her lips before she could protest further, pulling her in snug against his hard body. She gasped and moaned, which seemed to be what he wanted. He slid his tongue into her mouth and she felt like she might melt to the floor. She was thankful that Ryan held her tightly when he deepened the kiss. He ran his hands over her ass and cupped her to him, letting her feel his erection, she completely lost control. It had been so long since she kissed a man, so long that she had been fantasizing about Ryan. God, he was even better in person. He broke the kiss, leaving them both panting for air.

“Yeah, this is a really bad idea, princess, but you’re all I can think about.” With that, he released her and headed for her door. “I’ll see you and Zac tomorrow evening, about five?”

She nodded because that was all she could muster. How could the man talk after kissing her like that?

“I’ll bring the pizza and a scary movie,” he winked at her and turned to go out her door. “Lock up behind me, honey.”

He shut the door and she quickly moved to lock up. She just stood, with her back to the door, heart racing and heat pouring off of her body. Her mind was telling her what a bad idea Ryan Jackson was but her body was screaming for her mind to shut the hell up. “Yeah, a really bad idea,” she said, grinning like a fool.


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