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The Christmas Wedding
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The Christmas Wedding, it is the cover reveal today!

It is a busy time for K.L Ramsey too. Worth the Wait by K.L Ramsey the release date is 15th October. Available to pre-order now! Click here to read the Prologue and Chapter one.

We have also got a blog tour and a free competition running alongside the launch of her books, click here to take part.

The Christmas Wedding by K.L. Ramsey and releases 1st November. Available to pre-order now!

I would love to let you read the first chapter of this lovely book.

Chapter One

Lorna sat in a corner booth at Scrumptious trying to console Sunny as she practically threw herself into the banana split that Piper had put on the table in front of her.  At five months pregnant, Sunny was barely showing but the girl sure could eat. Even before she was pregnant she could hold her own with the guys when they all went out, sometimes eating a whole pizza by herself. But now that she was eating for two Sunny was an unstoppable eating machine.

“He’s gone. Just left town without a word to anyone. Who the hell does that?”

Sunny looked at Lorna as if she had answers and shoved another spoonful of ice cream into her mouth. How she could eat and cry—at the same time—was magical to watch. Every time Sunny sobbed she shoved another spoonful in as if trying to self-soothe. Lorna wanted to laugh but knew that Sunny was in no way ready to find any of this comical.

She rubbed Sunny’s back, trying to comfort her but failing miserably.

“I know, honey, Aaron is a complete jerk.”

“How can you be so cold, Lorna?” Sunny gasped, shoving in another spoonful of ice cream. “He’s the father of my child, even if he doesn’t know it yet.”

Lorna rolled her eyes.

“Explain to me again why you didn’t tell him about the baby.”

Sunny stopped eating as if trying to figure out how to answer Lorna’s question.

“He wouldn’t talk to me; it’s been months since he has said even two words to me. I don’t know what you think I should have done. Maybe a billboard or a text message—would that have been appropriate, Lorna?”

Her anger was almost easier to deal with compared to her sobbing into her ice cream. Still, Sunny’s mood swings were giving Lorna whiplash.

“I just think that if Aaron knew that you were carrying his baby he might have stuck around. He didn’t just run off; he’s taken a job in California. Tag said that he’s training firefighters out there for the next few months.” Lorna took Sunny’s napkin and wiped the chocolate fudge from her chin. The poor girl was a mess.

Sunny nodded her head. “I know that he’s working; it doesn’t make any of this easier though. If he really cared about me, he would be here wiping chocolate from my chin, not you.”

Lorna tossed the napkin onto the table, ready to throw in the figurative towel too.

Piper pulled up a chair from another table and joined them.

“Don’t you need to run next door and check on Sawyer? He probably needs some help with dinner. Poor guy really did a number on his shoulder.”

Lorna wanted to kiss Piper for tag teaming in on her conversation with Sunny. Honestly, she was ready for a break.

“Well, if you think you girls will be able to carry on without me. I do need to run a few errands.  And yeah, I’ll check on your bodyguard.”

Lorna slid out from the booth and gathered her bag. She had opened the ice cream shop today, just as she had done every day since Piper and Tag married, two months ago. While they were away on their extended honeymoon in Europe, Lorna had run the shop. Now that Piper was back, she had cut back her hours to keep up with her volunteer work at the library.

The library had laid her off earlier that year because of budget constraints, but she couldn’t just leave them hanging. Budget cutbacks were a pain, but Lorna didn’t mind volunteering to help out.  Besides Scrumptious, the library was her favorite place in town. She loved the smell of the old books and the quiet of people getting lost in whatever book they were reading. Her most favorite part of her day was when the little ones ran in, pulling their parents by the pants leg, trying to get the best spot for story time. Each morning, she read to a group of preschoolers, which didn’t help with her own personal yearning for a little one. But, at her age, that ship had probably already sailed.

She lived next door, in the house that she and Piper lived in after Piper’s parents died. Now she lived there with Jonathan Sawyer, Piper’s sinfully sexy, much too young for her, bodyguard. After Piper inherited millions from her grandmother, she needed to hire a bodyguard to help her with the nosey reporters in New York. When Piper moved back to Colorado, to marry Tag, she brought her bodyguard with her. Lorna knew that her niece did it partly to piss her off. She knew that Lorna found Jon Sawyer sexy as hell but much too young, so Piper stepped in and brought him back home. Her thoughtful niece even moved Sawyer into her old house, with Lorna.

Last week, Sawyer was picking up Tag and Piper from the airport and had a little run-in with a crazy woman and two of her very large suitcases. Apparently, said crazy woman took one look at him and tripped over her own feet, landing on poor Sawyer.  As he caught the woman, her suitcase slammed into his shoulder, dislocating it. Tag insisted on taking him to the hospital for x-rays and, with Piper fussing over him, Sawyer couldn’t refuse.  He had his shoulder reset and had to keep it immobile for a week or two while wearing a sling. He was practically useless and was driving Lorna crazy. He walked around the house shirtless, because, according to him, it was easier than trying to get a shirt on. She imagined that pulling on a shirt would be painful, but seeing him walk around the house with his chiseled abs, and a chest that was screaming for her to run her hands all over it, was agony for her.

She stopped at the grocery store to pick up a few things and then she ran to the library to check out two books that she had reserved. She had decided that if she couldn’t have what she wanted, namely Sawyer, she would read romance novels that had happy endings. At least she had her books, and her fantasies of Sawyer stripping her bare and taking her on the kitchen table, to keep her company. Maybe romance novels weren’t the best for her overactive libido.

She let herself in the front door, arms loaded with bags from the grocery store, not wanting to wake Sawyer if he had been able to get some sleep. She heard him, late at night, roaming the house. She wanted to go to him, ask him if she could do anything for him, but she was afraid of what his answer might be. She noticed the way that he watched her, not missing his heated gaze or the way he used every excuse he could to touch her. She felt like a boxer, dodging and bobbing to miss his grasp.

When he had moved to Colorado, three months prior, he’d asked her out a few times. She’d always had an excuse ready, not wanting to tell him the real reason she didn’t want to date him. She’d run out of excuses when he asked her to go as his date to Piper’s wedding. He’d known that she was going to be there–and that she didn’t have a date–so she’d broken down and reluctantly accepted.

Her duties as Piper’s surrogate mother had kept her busy most of the day, but during the reception, when he’d asked her to dance, she couldn’t refuse. He’d pulled her into his hard body and practically engulfed her. He stood at about 6 feet 4 inches  and she could feel every one of the muscles that pressed up against her, holding her tight against his body. And his eyes—they were the most soulful brown eyes she had ever seen. Every time he looked at her she felt as though he could see right to her soul. She had played a dangerous game, agreeing to attend Piper’s wedding with Sawyer.

As soon as the bride and groom had disappeared into their cabin, Lorna had snuck off and run back into town. Her plan had seemed like a good one until Sawyer showed up thirty minutes later, mad as hell that she’d ditched him. She hadn’t thought through the whole part of them living under the same roof when she’d run to her car and hightailed it back down the mountain.

Sawyer had demanded a come-to-Jesus conversation that involved her telling him the embarrassing truth that she couldn’t date him because he was just too young for her. At forty, Lorna didn’t think that she should be dating a man who was just thirty-five.

She raised Piper after her parents died, and, at that time, she hadn’t been sure that she wanted kids of her own. Really, the thought wasn’t one that she’d felt was safe to entertain. She hadn’t dated a whole lot over the years. What man would want to take on a woman who was responsible for raising her traumatized niece? She wouldn’t have traded her time with Piper for anything. Piper was like her own daughter, not just her niece. She’d understood what she was possibly giving up when she’d agreed to raise Piper and she would do it all again.

But Sawyer had made her want things, and that had felt dangerous. She wasn’t sure she had the right to want a man or a family at her age. Sawyer had assured her that their age difference didn’t matter to him, but he might not have felt the same way in a few years, when she’d be too old to have kids. He’d have come to regret choosing her, he might even have grown to resent her, and she couldn’t have faced that. It had been easier to nip the whole idea in the bud than to try to figure out the what ifs.


Sawyer heard Lorna come through the front door and his heart started pounding in his chest. Every damn time she entered the room, his body reacted as if he’d just run a marathon. Lorna Sanders was driving him crazy and he couldn’t figure out what the hell to do about her. He knew that Piper and Tag were good with him wanting to date Lorna. Before he’d asked her to be his date, for their wedding, he’d talked to Tag. He’d wanted to make sure that, as his employers, they were both okay with him dating Lorna. He hadn’t wanted to cause any waves in his working relationship, especially since he really liked his job. Being Piper’s security detail had proven to be far from boring.

Since moving to Colorado, Piper had had quite a few reporters sniffing around from New York. For the most part, the locals just accepted Piper’s inheritance and left her alone.  The reporters, from out of state, were basically harmless; they just wanted a story. But that was the last thing that Piper or Tag needed. Sawyer had made sure that the reporters got the message to leave and not come back, before they could disturb the newlyweds.

Tag had insisted that they go on their honeymoon alone and Sawyer couldn’t blame him. The last thing he would want, on his honeymoon, was another guy hanging around. He knew that Tag could single-handedly manage Piper’s security, but they still kept him around. He also knew that part of his job description was to amuse Piper while chasing Lorna; but, damn it, he didn’t want to have to chase her. Lorna had put her defenses up as soon as he moved to town and he wanted to tear every damn one of them down.

She’d told him that he was too young for her, but his response to that argument was, “fuck that”. Lorna had some bizarre notion that she was old. All he saw when he looked at her was a fucking amazing woman. She was the hottest, sweetest, sexiest woman that he’d ever seen. Her long dark hair was usually pulled back but, at night, when she wandered around the house in her short shorts and see-through tank, she let her hair fall over her shoulders. It drove him damn near insane and he spent most of his time around her hard as a rock.

Lately, she had been making him most of his meals, while he was out of commission from his stupid shoulder injury. He’d caught her singing and dancing in their little kitchen while making him breakfast and he’d had to go back to his room to take a cold shower. He didn’t know how much more of Lorna’s resistance he could take before he had to move out of Piper’s house. He could only be pushed so far before he snapped, and he was right on the verge of losing his tightly reined in control.

Sawyer met Lorna on her way into the kitchen, her arms loaded down with groceries and books. God but she loved her books. Her bedroom was full of stacks of them that she’d read, but she insisted on keeping them because she might need to read them again. Yet, every time she came through the front door, she had her arms full of new books. He couldn’t help but smile at her, as he took one of the bags. It was about all he could handle, one-handed.

“Hey, you picked up groceries after working all day?” Sawyer put his bag on the counter and grabbed the second one from Lorna’s arms. He didn’t miss the way her eyes flared when he brushed her bare skin with his finger. He knew that Lorna wanted him, but she kept up those damn walls that were nearly impossible to break down.

“Yep, and I ran to the library. They had some books on hold for me.”

He searched her bag and noted that they were all those romance books that she seemed to love. Half-naked men and swooning women adorned every cover. If only she would let him in, he could show her that real life was so much better than a made-up book.

He looked Lorna up and down, noticing how tired she seemed. She was running herself ragged between the ice-cream shop and volunteering at the library and now having to practically take care of him.  He couldn’t wait to get out of his sling next week and return to work. He liked pulling his own weight around the house, too. He was usually the one who ran to the grocery store between his shift watching Piper, fending off the occasional nosey reporter and volunteering for the local sheriff.

He’d found that, while his job more than paid the bills, he needed something more, to fill his lonely days and especially nights. He hated that he couldn’t find a way through Lorna’s defenses and he was about to give up trying. He’d met Joel and the small town’s sheriff had offered him a job on the spot. Apparently, Tag had gotten to Joel first and had talked Sawyer up. He’d barely even shaken the sheriff’s hand before he’d been offered the job—well, if working for free could be called a job. He’d taken the position, hoping that it would lead to a full-time, paid offer, but mostly because it would give him some much-needed time away from Lorna.

The woman drove him crazy. The more he pushed, the move she shoved back. Her lame excuse about not wanting to date a younger man was the craziest he had ever heard. He knew that she was attracted to him; he felt it every time they touched. He knew she felt it too, the way her breath caught each time they passed too closely in the hall. It was like an electric charge between them; it was undeniable. Lorna had found a way to refuse them both, and it was wearing him down more and more, with each passing day.

He thought about moving back to New York and taking another assignment, but nothing was waiting for him there. He finally had friends in Colorado, and he respected both Piper and Tag. In the few short months that he’d been working for Piper, she had become more like the little sister he’d never had. He could relate to both her and Tag, since he never knew either of his parents. He’d been raised in the foster system from the age of three, with no memories of his mother or father. When he’d tried to find them, after turning eighteen and being released into the world by the state, he’d been told that his mother had died when he was ten. There was no father listed on his original birth certificate, so he’d given up, joining the Army and devoting his life to whatever cause Uncle Sam told him was important.

He’d planned on staying in the military and making a career of it until his unit was hit by an IED. He’d been on his second tour when his unit was targeted. Everyone in his group had been killed except him and one other guy. He’d escaped with a few minor scrapes and a broken leg, while his buddy had lost his eyesight and his left arm.

After he’d been discharged, he’d wallowed in pity and self-loathing for surviving while his friends—men who had become like brothers to him—had come home in caskets. He’d allowed himself a year to sulk, and then he’d pulled himself out of the pit that he had dug.

He’d found a private detective agency that was recruiting ex-military to protect high-end clients. He’d loved his job but hated New York. When Piper had asked him to follow her back to Colorado, he’d jumped at the chance. Knowing that Piper’s sexy-as-sin aunt would be hanging around seemed like a bonus; well, until Lorna started giving him the cold shoulder. He’d never worked so hard to get a woman’s attention in his entire life, but she was worth it. He just needed her to accept that, eventually, she was going to end up in his bed.

He and Lorna moved around the cramped kitchen, putting away groceries. He couldn’t help himself; when she bent down to put the produce into the fridge, he groaned. Lorna turned to face him, her expression a cross between amused and turned-on. He’d spent the last few months hiding the way he felt about her. Once she’d told him that she wasn’t interested in him, he’d decided that he wasn’t going to hide his feelings anymore.

“Are you in pain, Sawyer?” Lorna crossed the kitchen to grab her bag of books.

He knew that it was a risk, but he was tired of sitting on the sidelines, waiting for Lorna to come to her senses.  Sawyer pulled her into his arms, causing her to drop her bag, books spilling all over the kitchen floor with a thud.

“Damn it, Lorna, I’m not in pain. Well…I am…but not the way you’re thinking.”

Lorna didn’t make a move to escape his hold; he took that as a good sign.

“Is it your shoulder?”

Lorna’s hands skittered up his shoulder and he felt her touch as if lightning had passed straight through his body. He pulled her tighter against his chest, leaving her arms with no place to go but around his shoulders. She felt like heaven up against him. Memories of Tag and Piper’s wedding came flooding back. The way she let him hold her, moving them both across the dance floor…honestly, it had been the best night of his life, right up until she’d bolted and run back to their house.

He’d been confused and had blamed himself for making her uncomfortable enough to leave her own niece’s wedding. That had lasted until she’d explained that she ran because she was a whole five years older than him. He knew damn well how old Lorna was and he didn’t give a fuck. She was the sexiest woman that he’d ever met and when she touched him he felt things that he’d never felt for anyone else. In the weeks since the wedding, he’d spent his time volunteering for the sheriff, fantasizing about the most stubborn woman that he’d ever met and taking a lot of cold showers.

Lorna still made no move to detangle herself from his hold. Her eyes darkened as she leaned into his embrace. He knew that she wanted him every bit as much as he wanted her. It was now or never. He dipped his head to take her lips with every ounce of passion that he’d had pent up since meeting her. As he licked his way into her mouth, her breathy sighs and moans told him that she was on board. He walked her backward, trapping her against the refrigerator as he nipped and bit at her already swollen lips. Lorna didn’t put up a fuss as she pulled his head down to get a better angle.

She devoured his mouth like a starving woman and then pulled away from the kiss.

“Sawyer, we can’t.”

He could tell that she was going to withdraw and that was not an option. This was the furthest she’d ever let him in; he wasn’t about to back down so easily.

“Jon,” he sighed, pulling her in for another consuming kiss. Again, she didn’t put up a fuss. She seemed turned on by the whole scene. He pulled her long auburn ponytail from its holder, letting her hair fall around her face.

“God, you are so fucking beautiful, Lorna.”

She tried to take a step back from him but, wedged between his body and the fridge, had no place to go. She placed both hands flat on his chest and he didn’t miss the way her fingers flexed as she ran them down his body, resting on his waist.


He covered her mouth with his good hand, stopping her from saying her next thoughts out loud.

“I need for you to call me Jon, Lorna. I’m Sawyer to people that I work for and to my friends. To you, I want to be someone more…personal.”

Lorna’s eyes flared again and he could tell that she liked the idea of getting more personal with him. Hell, he’d let her get as up close and personal as she wanted.

“This is a bad idea…” she hesitated, “…Jon.”

Sawyer couldn’t help himself; he groaned at the sound of Lorna calling him by his first name. No one had ever done that. When he’d been passed from foster parent to foster parent, they’d liked to keep things as impersonal as possible. That made it easier when something went wrong and he had to move on. So, he got used to everyone calling him by his last name and it just stuck. In the military it was normal. No one ever called him Jon, but he really liked the way Lorna said his name.

He closed his eyes, just for a second, so he could get himself together.  His mind was racing with all the dirty things that he wanted to do to her, right there in their kitchen. He was pretty sure that Lorna wasn’t ready for any of that yet.

He swallowed hard.

“Say that again, Lorna.”

She looked confused for a moment and then seemed to catch up.


He groaned against her lips as he crushed his mouth against hers. He felt a fierce need to mark her as his. He nipped and sucked his way from her lips, down her neck.

She let him get to her shoulder before she said his name again. This time, it sounded more like a warning.

“Jon.” She sighed and gently shoved him back, freeing herself from his hold. She escaped to the other side of the kitchen, using the distance that she put between them as her safety net.

He knew that pushing her was a bad idea. He’d pushed at Piper’s wedding and Lorna had ended up leaving. He knew that he was in no condition to chase her if she decided to bolt. So, he gave her the space that she craved and waited for her to make the next move.

“We just can’t do this. I won’t let this go any further when it can’t work between us. I’m so sorry, Sawyer.”

He nodded curtly. Hearing her use his last name again told him exactly where they stood. They were back to formalities and that felt like a punch in the gut. He knew what a brush-off felt like; he’d had enough of them growing up. But watching Lorna put her walls back up and retreat from him hurt like hell.

“Please don’t tell me this has to do with the crazy idea that you are too old for me.” He took a step towards Lorna and she held up her hands as if trying to stop him.

“Sawyer, please don’t dismiss my feelings. I don’t know what you want from me. I’m forty years old and I’m not sure what my next chapter even looks like. I’ve already raised my sister’s child and I’m not sure that I have it in me to start all over.”

Sawyer shook his head at her words as she bent to pick up her books. “I get no say in any of this, do I, Lorna? You have ignored my feelings and made the decision that we won’t work out. You don’t know that we’ll crash and burn because you won’t even give us a chance to get off the ground.”

Lorna gathered her last book into her bag and stood in front of him.

“You don’t know that we’ll work out either, Sawyer. The difference between you and me is that I’m not willing to let you break my heart.”

He couldn’t help himself, he pulled her back into his body, snaking his good arm around her slim waist.

“Lorna, I’d never break your heart, just give me a chance.” Sawyer could see her thinking through his words and he saw the moment she decided that giving him a chance was a bad idea.

She shook her head.

“I’m so sorry, Jon. I just can’t.” She kissed his cheek and pulled away from him, making her way upstairs to her room.

He felt his body flinch when he heard her door close. He was afraid that she was so determined to shut him out that he might never find a way to reach her. He was committed now, more than ever, to show her what they could have together. Just one taste of Lorna had proven to him that they were right together, age difference be damned!


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I LOVE Christmas! I cannot wait for this!

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Yes, I do too 🙂 This is really a great book.

Sassy Brit Posted October 3, 2018 at3:07 pm   Reply

This looks (and sounds) amazing! Congratulations, K.L. Ramsey!

Amanda Ravenscroft Posted October 8, 2018 at1:43 pm   Reply

We are all very proud of K.L. Ramsey here. I am just reading book 3 in the series right now, I know everyone will love this book too.

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