Chick Magnet Car! Impressed?
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Are you impressed with a so-called “Chick Magnet Car?” I would love to hear your views on this.  I was listening to two young men in a coffee shop the other day, talking about the vehicles they wanted, cars that were guaranteed to get them laid.  I am not sure how typical I am as a woman, I like a nice car, I had a Mazda MX5 convertible for a while. So I get the style aspect of motors. I never thought of it as a way of attracting a partner. Men seem to think of it differently, I invite comments from men too.

I am not saying all men think this way, but some seem to think of their ride as some sort of badge of masculinity. And from the conversation, I heard both of these men were looking at their motors in those terms. When I am walking down the street and hear a really loud vehicle, being over-revved by a young man, the notion that pops into my head is, this young man is overcompensating for something. I bet he has a small penis. I am sure that was the total reverse of the impression he wanted anyone seeing him in his Mercedes sports. In the words of Shania Twain, “That don’t impress me much.”

I wonder if the whole “Chick Magnet” is not perpetuated as a sales technique to part men from the cash some of these cars cost? Are they selling the dream of the lothario lifestyle?  Just a thought.

Before you think I am a bad sport on this subject, something I will share. As I said I had an MX5 convertible.  It is not easy making out in a sports car. The bucket seats and the limited space, make it difficult. And let me tell you, stick shift is a real obstacle, but it is possible.

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