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I had a meeting the other day with a financial advisor; it was a normal encounter, just work and rather dull.  Maybe it was because of the dull nature of this brief encounter that sparked something in my imagination. I wonder if you have experienced the same.  Have you had a meeting that could have gone further? Maybe even wished it had gone further?  And yet it was just a meeting no impropriety at all.  For me, it sparked a little creative writing.  I don’t know if I will weave this into a story at some point, but I thought I would share this piece of total fiction with you.

We met at his office, and I felt assured by his warm, welcoming handshake, with just the right amount of pressure. We had only spoken briefly before on the phone. He had wanted to see my work and had offered to give me a few suggestions that might help my writing career. I was cautious at first thinking it sounded a little odd, an offer of help from a total stranger.  Why would he do that? Did he have an agenda? Was this a reworking of the old casting couch scenario? And yet there was something warm in his voice, something that I felt instinctively I could trust. So the meeting was arranged, and I turned up dressed in my best casual business attire, a smart button up dress. When I close the outfit there was a momentary dilemma; the dress buttoned up to the neck.  The look was a bit matronly, undoing the one button still looked a bit like a librarian so I plumped for undoing the first two buttons. Looking in the mirror, I noticed a hint of lace from the cup of my bra but dismissed it as a mear hint.  I wanted to look the part of a romance writer, and I really wanted to impress.

The office was impressively large, with tasteful pictures adorning the walls. He offered me a coffee, and we sat and chatted.  While talking I looked at him in detail; his clothing was a little more casual that I had been expecting. He seemed very comfortable, as we casually talked about ourselves, talking freely about our backgrounds. As the morning progressed, and although the conversation was innocent, I felt, hoped there was something more.  We chatted at length about my writing, and where I wanted to take it, I became aware of my body language. Was I flirting? Maybe just a little?  I was a little self consciously I tried to stop fiddling with my hair. I felt a familiar tingle as I crossed my legs.  I had to stop; this was a professional meeting after all.

He was giving no outward signs that he was in any way responding.  I looked more deeply, maybe he was, there was a knowing glint in his eye.  I regarded his reaction when I re-crossed my legs; his gaze was certainly on my knees as I crossed them.  Was he trying to take a sneaky peek? Surely not.  He gave every outward appearance of a gentleman. Yet there was something about this encounter that reminded me of the scene in the film The Thomas Crown Affair.  There was a steamy chess scene, where Faye Dunaway teased the Steve McQueen character. I playfully ran my finger across my lower lip. He gave a knowing smile and yet still made no move.  In all this time the conversation had flowed easily, and everything felt comfortable. I noticed the time; we had been chatting for over two hours.  The tips he had given, had been very insightful and extremely helpful, the meeting had made me think a lot about my writing, and yet I would have been lying if I said I had not wanted something more to happen.  There was a connection, I felt sure there was.  Maybe I could feel his disappointment as I stood and made my excuse to leave.  He was a busy man he had work to do, yet there was still regret at this encounter coming to an end. He escorted me to the door, and we parted with another simple shake of the hand.  As I walked to the car, there was a feeling I wanted more, much more, perhaps next time.

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