Karlene Cameron


Description : For two centuries the New World Order has used the church to persecute and control the masses, creating a perfectly behaved, genetically ideal society.  But not everyone embraces the Order’s tyrannical and oppressive rule. Heavily outnumbered, the rising Templar faction desperately seeks an advantage that will end the war and win their freedom. Abducting the reckless and magically-gifted Caitriona Sinclair, Commander Duncan MacKinnon, leader of the Templar rebellion, soon finds himself in a dangerous game of hide and seek to keep Caitriona safe and out of the Order’s clutches before the Templars are ready to openly defend themselves against the Order’s savage attack.  Through it all, Caitriona and Duncan fall in a desperate and deep love, struggling not to give in to their passions. But with Caitriona bound to another, her ‘handler’ Nicolas, and Duncan bound to his oath to protect and free his people, love, it seems, cannot always conquer all.  

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