Abby Blythe


Description :

The Crimson Z

Kara Elsberry, Lee Rush, Richard Savage, and Robert Cloud

Zachariah was a true craftsman. It was the passion to reach true perfection that drove him to work long after he should have retired. His work imbued him with a life that few could imagine. With the aid of the spirit of his long dead wife each piece of jewelry that was commissioned not only restored years to Zachariah's life but imbedded each piece with a special magic.. The exact path the magic would take in the wearer's life no one, not even Zachariah knew. Now as a new piece of jewelry has just been commissioned, jealousy has flared and an evil as old as time itself is straining against its chains to be unleashed to wreak havoc upon Zacharia's latest client, an innocent young girl that has become dear to his heart. Several masterpieces of jewelry, each bearing the maker's mark of the crimson Z... Five stories of romance, each written by a different Black Velvet Seductions' author... All told from the lips of an old jeweler who is falling in love with a girl way too young for him. Will the jewelry in each of the stories bring the wearer love or will it be a curse releasing unthinkable evil on unsuspecting lovers?