Twenty-three positions in a one night stand?
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In the words of Prince, “Gett off, twenty-three positions in a one night stand”.  I consider myself fairly enlightened.  As an artist, I have painted erotic images for 25 years, I have been a member of the “Guild of Erotic Artists” for over 10, as a writer I have five erotic stories in print and in my studio I have hosted fetish nights for people into alternative lifestyles, D/s, BDSM, polygamy, transgender, and transvestites.  So in the sexual arena, it is unusual for me to raise an eyebrow, though I do have to look things up from time to time.  I was reading a script yesterday, the author mentioned a named sex positions that I had never heard of before.  So I just had to look up Pirate’s Bounty and The Amazon.  Would be rude not to research further and came across the term, Pirate Ship and to Pirate.  I won’t spoil it all I will give a couple of links so you can go and look.  But the term to Pirate refers to someone that tried out an unexpected and weird sex position…..   who knew??

Here is a place I ended up looking for quite a while  so I thought I would share

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