Things we do for comfort.
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A couple of personal things made me think of comfort and the things we do to cheer ourselves up.

This works for our writing as well as on a personal level.  It is neat to get into the characters and think of their comforts too and what motivates the need for comfort.

So, what is it that brings you comfort?  For me, it is the little things like chocolate, a nice coffee, and a chill in a comfy chair.  But there are other things too, a soak in a nice hot, candlelight, bath, listening to chill music.  Or maybe cuddling up with a fluffy blanket, with a good book?  Comfort food, hot apple pie with vanilla ice cream, always works for me.  I would love to hear what some of your favorite comforts are.  Do you have comfort things you do with your partner?  A back rub? Massage?  Or sit, holding hands and watch a movie?

Here is a question, if they are your comforts, would you let a character borrow them?  Or would you guard them, so they are private, just for you?


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