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These Eyes So Green

A hot new erotic romance release! These Eyes So Green by Deborah Kelsey

In many ways this is one of our most challenging books subject wise.  It concerns love between a German officer in the Second World War and a member of the French Resistance.  It is well written and a clever plot, though elements will make some readers a little uncomfortable.  There is also a homo-erotic element to the story with Domination and submission undertones.  A great read but not for the fainthearted!

Desiree Mendelsohn is a French cook and caterer who lives life to its fullest, enjoying dalliances with men and women. Her business masks the fact that she is running arms for the Resistance. Despite all the excitement of her life, she feels something is missing. Then she happens to come into contact with Colonel Hans Faber, a charming and dashing SS Officer with a rich love life of his own. Theirs is an immediate attraction, and despite her fears, Desiree finds herself drawn deeper and deeper into a relationship with the handsome officer, who is equally drawn—despite the fact that he has been sent to seduce her for information regarding the smuggling ring she is a part of. Desiree and Hans run a gauntlet of turmoil and trouble, leading up to a climactic confrontation that may prove to Desiree’s undoing.


New book out now!

So very pleased to announce our latest book…

The Otherling

The Otherling by Heather M. Walker

It’s always exciting when another book rolls off the production line!  For some the process seems to happen relatively smoothly whilst some seem to have a rockier road before they get to publication!  This book landed on my desk over a year ago.  I loved it when I first read it and it has matured through the editing process.   I am so pleased to see this book out and so delighted for Heather who has worked so very hard on this story.  It is a supernatural romance, a riveting read.   She has another story out very soon..




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