In romantic novels, does size really matter? 
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This blog was sparked by reading an anthology of short erotic stories.  I publish romance and erotic romance, but I do read erotica.  It is my way of defining where erotic romance becomes erotica, and sometimes there is a very fine line.  I enjoy Anthologies as you can read a variety of styles in a relatively short space of time.  The book was presented well and promised 50 short stories from new writers of erotic fiction. What I got were fifty very similar and sadly, rather uninspiring stories.  The plots were thin even for short stories, and the sex scenes were very poorly written.  While reading, I mentally compared these ill-written stories, to a series of books called “Herrotica” a series of 4-5 anthologies.  All original, brilliant, clever, well-crafted stories.  The anthology I was now reading differed in these four areas.  There was a predictability and repetitiveness about each story, that made it so dull.  In each story, the characters were tall and thin.  The men were all built like stallions, and the women were all more than ready for action.  I was predicting the scene before I read it, to demonstrate size every cock hit every cervix, (something I would have thought more painful than anything else) in every oral scene each cock hit the back of every throat and making the receiver gag.  Even the lesbian scenes had these same elements but using strapons.

This book was hopefully just a one-off, but it did spell out to me that there is an importance to being original with a sex scene.  It is important to get away from cliche.  Make it interesting to the reader, keep it fresh, and make it believable.

Have you read a story where the sex scene made you cringe? Or made you laugh? Or bored you to the point you stopped reading?  On the flip side of the coin.  Have you read a scene that held you in that moment?  Sparked your own fantasy?

I would love to hear your views, thoughts, and stories you might like to share, on the blog, facebook or twitter.

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