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This morning I was up early and was at my desk in the office going through email before it was even light outside. Buried in my email was an email from Audible that offered me the opportunity to buy three credits to add to my subscription there.  It wasn’t quite like being offered three wishes, but it was pretty good. Never one to let an opportunity to collect books (or audio books) pass I clicked through to my audible account. On a lark I decided to check and see whether Sarah McCarty’s Hell’s Eight book Tracker’s Sin had made it to Audible. I’d been disappointed the last time I’d been to Audible because it hadn’t been released in audio there yet.

It’s funny how happy finding that it had indeed arrived there made me. It gave me a spring in my step…a cheeriness. It made me smile. Broadly.

I suppose maybe part of it is that I am planning a trip to my parents’ house next week, and the trip requires an eight or nine hour drive each way… having the book on my iPod will allow me to lose myself in what I am sure will be a wonderful story by one of my favorite authors. Finding Tracker’s Sin in audio format took me from dreading the hours in the car to actually looking forward to them. :-)

It’s just a little thing really…but sometimes it’s the little things that make you happy. What little things make you happy?

9 Responses to Thankfulness Post – Sometimes It’s The Small Things That Make You Feel Happy

  • Chrissy says:

    dare U say it???? Yep — somebody else cleaning out the litter box without me having to nag them! Heck, that’s almost a call for celebration. Otherwise, the one thing that’s come to mean the most to me is getting a call or email on my deceased son’s birthday saying ‘hey, I’m thinking of you’. It’s just nice to know that somebody remembers!

  • meingee says:

    I love finding a winning email from a contest and getting that package in the mail but what really does me in is a hug from my kids. Makes me so happy just to get that hug,without asking.

  • Jane says:

    I also like receiving packages in the mail. You do feel like you’re unwrapping a present even if you know what’s inside. Sometimes watching my favorite shows or movies puts a smile on my face.

  • Tracey D says:

    I recently read that one of my favorite authors is releasing book 3 of her vampire series. I read the first book in 1990! The release date is slated for January 2011, so I placed it in my cart as a pre-order. Today, I added more items to the cart and guess what??? The book is available for shipment NOW!!!!

    SQUEEEEE! I did the happy dance! LOL

  • Ilona F says:

    One little thing that is guaranteed to make me happy is my dog. Especiallly when he jumps up and makes himself comfy on my lap whilst I’m reading :D

  • Cara Bristol says:

    What makes me happy is buying that one perfect thing that I’ve been wanting. It’s ususally something simple. When I get it, I’ll spend days looking at it (not continuously, of course!), thinking about how much I enjoy it.

    As an author, hearing from a reader who enjoyed something I’ve written is THE biggest thrill of all.

  • Jean P says:

    I agree with the other posters, for me winning a free book, bookmarks, pens, those are the things that make my day, going out to the mailbox and finding something like that, puts a smile on my face.

  • Karen H in NC says:

    The thing I enjoy most of course, is reading…but second to that is winning author’s contests. I enter lot of them each month and average about 12-15 wins per month. Nothing more fun than winning books or bookstore gift cards or Godiva Chocolates or tote bags…well you get the idea. It never gets old!

    Laurie, I admire the fact that you can drive and listen to an audio book. I listen to my favorite songs on my MP3 player while driving. I think I would probably get so involved in listening to the book that I would neglect my driving…very unsafe for me!

  • ladyvictoria says:

    I’m not sure if it counts as a little thing, but I won a book last month and got it in the mail this weekend. I was like a little kid in a toy store! My hubby was laughing his butt off at me. I bounced around about how I had the ‘free’ book, just released, signed by the author to ME, how everyone was talking about it on the blogs, etc! Then I set myself up for a special night in the recliner to relax and enjoy my treat. It was a great read too! STRANGE NEIGHBORS by Ashlyn Chase. A humorous romance with light paranoramal elements in it. Good romance, Great humor! My prize couldn’t have been better!
    But it wasn’t really THAT big a deal in realality. Only a $7 book (plus she did have to pay shipping). So why I got so excited, I don’t really know?

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