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Spring seems to have sprung here in my neck of the woods (Iowa). Urged on by the unseasonably warm weather and the feeling (hope) that spring is upon us here in the Midwest I decided it was time to update the blog theme with something a little more energetic and a little brighter. Spring seems a time of color…and yet a time in which the threat of the return of cold weather hovers darkly in the background so I tried to incorporate both bright spring colors and a bit of darkness in the theme this time.

I hope you enjoy the new theme as you are browsing around…looking for contests to enter…checking to see if you’ve ALREADY won a prize (A LOT of people have), and enjoying all the authors, conversations, and fun here on the blog. I’d love it if you dropped a comment into the comment section following this post. I’d love to hear how you like this theme and what kinds of colors, images, themes, you might like to see next time I update the theme.

I tend to start themes much like I start the quilts I make. For themes I start with a photo which serves as the inspiration for the theme.  In quilting I would start with a  fabric I like then for both themes and quilts I pull out other colors and textures which seem to go with the image or the fabric. For themes I tend to go for pretty pictures…more seasonal than related to books. I like flowers, butterflies, animals of all kinds, interesting artwork, you name it, it may turn up as a theme here. With quilts I like floral fabrics a lot. But many of the quilts I make are made for charities that donate them to needy or ill children. For those quilts I try to go with bright, children’s prints – often with animals, balloons, or other things that children relate to.

So, what about you…what colors, types of images would you like to see next time I update the blog theme.

14 Responses to Spring Seems To Have Sprung Around Here – I Thought It Time For A Blog Facelift

    • Laurie Sanders says:

      Thanks Jane. I like black and bright colors as a color combination in general. (I’ve made quite a few quilts with that color combination over the years.) The magenta color was sampled from the flowers in the butterfly picture…but I really like how it pops against the black background.

    • Laurie Sanders says:

      Thanks Gabrielle. I like butterflies too. They do sort of spell spring…along with the sound of lawn mowers and the smell of freshly mowed grass…which we’ve had a lot of here in our neck of the woods.

  • Tia says:

    I love pictures of dogs, cats, and all kinds of animals. Love flowers, too. For summer there should be bright colors and flowers. Something yellow or a field of flowers. Summer beverages or a stream. Things that make people think of summer.

    • Laurie Sanders says:

      I agree Tia…I like most of the themes to be seasonal. I do have an image I’ve been wanting to put into a theme…it’s a white fence with a whole cascade of yellow flowers falling over it. It’s a lovely image. I just haven’t had the chance to build a theme around that image yet.

      I like the idea of summer beverages. I haven’t done anything (much) with food as a theme. We did have the Christmas cookies theme at Christmas time. But I think that’s the only food themes I’ve done. I like the idea of a cold glass of lemonade theme…or something similar.

    • Laurie Sanders says:

      Thanks Ilona. I’m glad you like it even though pink isn’t your top favorite as far as colors go. I like orange too…especially orange against black. I did create a theme that has orange and black…it’s done from an original piece of artwork a friend did. The picture is a black and white very detailed drawing of a tiger. Even though the tiger drawing has no color in the theme I used some orange …and also a bit of green to sort of give a feel of jungle and tiger and a bit of color. I’ll put that one up here for a few days in a few weeks when he has his website ready for visitors. He has created some really lovely art pieces. There are two tigers and a leopard that are just awesome.

    • Laurie Sanders says:

      Thanks Wilma. I like the pink theme too. I generally like pink in general…and especially like it with black…or bright lime green. :) I didn’t do the lime green this time. Maybe one of these days. :)

  • Mary Preston says:

    I like all the pink. It’s a happy colour. If we are making suggestions PURPLE is my favourite colour.

    • Laurie Sanders says:

      We’re definitely making suggestions and I’m definitely listening to them. :) It’s fun making the themes…and nice to have input from everyone here about what they like…what their favorite colors are…etc.

  • mary hay says:

    As my e-mail address says, I like yellow roses. That’s why my son suggested that for my e-mail when I was starting out on the computer. I like the new blog design now, too. Butterflies are so nice to watch.

    • Laurie Sanders says:

      I like yellow roses too. :) I will keep them in mind for an upcoming theme.

      I’m glad you like the new blog design. I was ready for a bit of pizazz. :)

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