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Our Million Pages Challenge Graph As Of 4-9-2011

Wilma has been a reading fiend. Part two (and there is a part three) of her reading list totals an amazing 8,641 pages!

We’ve as a group read and recorded 80,221 pages so far in 2011. There are quite a few more pages that I need to add to the spreadsheet and post here. Hopefully I’ll have a window in which to catch up now that things are slowing down after my (Alyssa’s) blog tour. We still have 919,779 more pages to read in 2011 in order to read a million pages in 2011. Keep reading, invite your friends to join the challenge too. There is plenty of time and the more people joining us the more fun it will be.

Here’s what Wilma’s been reading:

Love At First Flight — Marie Force — Read On Kindle — 416 pages
Julianne and Michael meet at the airport where they are on the same flight. At that time Julianne has been dating Jeremy for ten years, and Michael is engaged to Paige. Events that follow have Julianne and Michael getting together, but with a lot of problems along the way. Wilma says it’s an excellent story.

The Way To A Man’s Heart — Mary Ellis — Large Print Christian Fiction — 485 pages
It’s book 3 of the Miller Family series. Leah Miller, a talented young woman in the kitchen, is living her dream working in a diner. Jonah Byler is a dairy farmer with a secret. Wilma says the problems they go through make for a very interesting and very good story.

A Little Consequence — Amy Knupp — Harlequin Super Romance — 249 pages
It’s part of the Texas Firefighters series. It was the best night firefighter Evan Drake had ever had. And now those hours with Selena Jarboe are turning into the biggest challenge he’s ever faced. Fatherhood and marriage were hardly part of this Texan’s plans, but he won’t let his child grow up the way he did — without a dad. So like it or not, Selena is getting his help. She and his unborn baby need it. Wilma says it’s very good.

Promise Canyon — Robyn Carr — Large Print Romance — 457 pages
It’s another book in the Virgin River series. Clay Tahoma is the new veterinary assistant in Virgin River. Lilly Yazhi delivers feed and supplies for her grandfather’s store to the clinic. Each of them has their own set of problems, and it’s very interesting how things work out. Wilma says it’s an excellent story. Robyn Carr is one of her favorite authors.

Once A Cowboy — Linda Warren — Romance — Read on Kindle — 256 pages
It’s about a guy who had been kidnapped from the hospital as a 2-day old baby. He doesn’t find out about it until he is about forty. The female private investigator who tracks him down also falls in love with him. It takes him a while to adjust to the fact that he has a whole new family. Wilma says it was pretty good.

A Daddy for Jacoby — Christyne Butler — Silhouette Special Edition Romance — 216 pages
It’s part of the Welcome to Destiny series. After doing time, Justin was a changed man determined to lead a decent life. Then a strange woman swept through town, dumping a seven-year-old in his lap, claiming he was the daddy and disappearing. Gina was a young woman who had been so busy skipping grades and getting degrees that she’s never had time to live. Could these two people get together? Wilma says it is very good.

Marrying Daisy Bellamy — Susan Wiggs — A Large Print Romance — 511 pages

It’s part of the Lakeshore Chronicles series. Daisy has struggled for years between two men–Logan, the handsome, steady father of her child–and Julian, the dangerous but adoring adrenaline junkie. The troubles she has to go through before finally marrying Julian make for a real good story. Wilma says it’s excellent.

Priceless Gifts — Cara Colter — A Silhouette Romance — 185 pages
Rand Peabody radiated iron will, fearsome strength, an ability to control things lesser men might back away from, which made him perfect for Chelsea King. That’s what her father thought when he hired the soldier-turned-bodyguard to protect his headstrong daughter. Wilma says it’s very good.

Courting Miss Amsel — Kim Vogel Sawyer — A Large Print Romance — 430 pages
Edyth Amsel has her first teaching job in 1882, in Walnut Hill, Nebraska. She has the entire town up in arms over her outlandish teaching methods. The uncle of two of her students, Joel Townsend, thinks she’s a good teacher because his nephews think the world of her. Wilma says the story has some unusual twists and that it’s very good.

In His Protective Custody — Marie Ferrarella — Silhouette Romantic Suspense — 218 pages
It’s part of The Doctors Pulaski series. Dr. Aleksandra Pulaski tells officer Zane Calloway exactly what she thinks when he shows up in her E.R. with a bullet wound. But Zane isn’t leaving her E.R. too fast. A former domestic violence case went bad, and now Alyx’s life is in danger, with Zane her only hope. Wilma says Marie Ferrarella is an excellent writer.

The Rancher’s Reunion — Tina Radcliffe — Love Inspired Romance — 281 pages
Will’s father died of Huntington’s disease, and he’s afraid he may get it when he gets older so he has vowed never to marry. Annie has loved him since her teenage years, but has never let him know that. When she comes home wounded from Kenya where she was a nurse, the events that follow show them that rue love can overcome handicaps. Wilma says it’s very good.

The Best of Friends — Susan Mallery — Large Print Romance — 376 pages
It’s about Jane, who is poor and whose mother dies when she is in high school; and about Rebecca who is rich and whose family takes Jane in to live with them. Jane loves David, Rebecca’s brother, but doesn’t let anyone know that. Ten years later Jane is a nurse and still friends with Rebecca, who now does everything she can to upset her mother. Jane has been an unpaid helper to the mother all these years. When things begin to go wrong, the mother blames Jane for everything and chaos begins. Wilma says it’s a very good story.

Irresistible Forces — Brenda Jackson — Steamy Romance — 256 pages
It’s about Taylor, a financial adviser who decides she wants a baby. She picks Dominic, one of her clients to be the father. She takes him on a procreation vacation. Wilma says it’s a very good story.

An Honorable Texan — Victoria Chancellor — Harlequin American Romance — 210 pages
Christie and Cal had a weekend together before he deployed to Afghanistan. When he returns home eight months later, he finds out he has a nine month old son. Christie has moved to his hometown and bought a run-down motel with plans to completely remodel it. Wilma says that how they get together is quite a story…and very good.

Mommy and the Millionaire — Crystal Green — Silhouette Special Edition — 218 pages
Wilma says it’s the first book in The Suds Club series. Naomi was four months pregnant and moved away from her hometown because she wanted nothing to do with the father of her baby. Then she met David, a millionaire, but she didn’t know that. Wilma says it’s very good.

More Than Words — Judith Miller — Large Print Fiction — 474 pages
It’s book 2 of the Daughters of Amana series. It’s set int he Amana Colonies in Iowa in 1858. The book describes a lot of how life was in the colonies at that time, centering on a young woman who likes to write, but has to help her father in his general store. Wilma says it’s quite interesting.

A Time To Love — Barbara Cameron — Romance — Read On Kindle — 320 pages
It’s about a young woman who was a news correspondent doing stories on the children in war-torn countries. She was injured in a car bombing, and when she was released from the hospital came home to her Amish grandmother to recuperate. She gets reacquainted with a man she knew when she was younger. He is a member of the Amish community. He is now a widower with three children. She falls in love with him all over again and decides to join the Amish in order to marry him. Wilma says it’s excellent.

The Proposal — Betty Neels — Romance Two Books In One — 108 pages
It’s about a young nurse who takes a job with a mean-spirited, old woman just to provide a home for her young sister. She meets the woman’s doctor, who finds her a much better job and later proposes to her. Wilma says Betty Neels is a good author.

The Engagement — Ellen James — Romance Two Books In One — 229 pages
It’s about a divorced mother and veterinarian with an eight year old son. She signs up for a program to provide her son with a substitute dad, and meets a local businessman who gets court ordered to fulfill the job. He tricks her into a pretend engagement, which later turns out to be a real one. Wilma says it’s pretty good.

Having Justin’s Baby — Pamela Bauer — Harlequin Super Romance — 250 pages
Paige gets dumped by her fiance on the weekend of her yearly reunion with several college pals. She ends up in bed with her best friend, Justin. Wilma says it’s very good.

Embers of Love — Tracie Peterson — Large Print Romance — 455 pages
It’s book 1 of the Striking A Match series. It’s about a young lady who is about to be married to a man she does not love. At the last minute she decides to run away to Texas with her college girlfriend. She lives with the family and falls in love with her girlfriend’s brother. Wilma says it’s a Christian fiction book.

The Deputy’s Lost and Found — Stella Bagwell — Silhouette Special Edition Romance — 214 pages
A deputy sheriff finds an injured woman on the side of the road. She cannot remember her name or anything else. He is attracted to her and does everything he can to learn who she is. Wilma says it’s very good.

Somewhere Along the Way — Jodi Thomas — Large Print Romance — 432 pages
It’s the second book in The Harmony series. It’s about a young girl who has decided to make Harmony, Texas her home; and all about the other residents of the town who come to care for her. Wilma says Jodi Thomas is an excellent writer.

A Dad of His Own — Gail Gaymer Martin — Love Inspired Romance — 280 pages
It’s about a mother with a young boy battling leukemia who meets a man who works with Dreams Come True. Wilma says it’s very good and Gail is an excellent writer. She says this book is the first in the series of Dreams Come True.

At Odds With Love — Betty Neels — Large Print Romance — 260 pages
It’s about a woman who quit her nursing job to take care of her grandmother. After the grandmother’s death, she doesn’t have a home and can’t find a job. The grandmother’s doctor tries to help her find a job, and later asks her to marry him, but not for love. Wilma says it’s a good story.

Family to the Rescue — Lissa Manley — Love Inspired Romance — 278 pages
It’s about a guy who doesn’t want to get involved with anyone because of his upsetting childhood. He meets a woman with a young son and agrees to coach his Little League team, but he doesn’t know the assistant coach will be the boy’s mother. Wilma says it’s very good.

Grace — Shelley Shepard Gray — Large Print Romance 287 pages
It’s the fourth novel of the Sisters of the Heart series. It’s about a young Amish girl who was raped and got pregnant. She is given a gift certificate to spend a few days at a bed and breakfast inn. She goes at Christmas time, and meets a man there who she falls in love with. Wilma says it’s very good.


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