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This morning I have the mother lode for you if you are a fan of husband spanking wife domestic discipline stories.

Husband Spanking Wife Domestic Discipline Short StoryI have a brand new domestic discipline short story from Starla Kaye. Testing Their Love features a couple (Grayson and Belinda Jo – BJ for short) who have a good marriage except that Grayson’s expectations for BJ are in conflict with her own need for fulfillment. Grayson wants her to sit on the boards of a half dozen charities. BJ wants to teach exercise classes for the elderly.

When a serious exercise related injury leads Grayson to insist she give up her job as a personal trainer, BJ begins to compensate for the frustration, anger, and tension she feels by joining the Y and exercising on the sly.

Even as she’s held captive by the need to exercise more and more to deal with the increasing tension she feels in her marriage, BJ knows there will be a day of reckoning.

She knows Grayson believes in domestic discipline. What she doesn’t know is how he will react when she tells him she intends to resign from the boards he wants her to sit on.

Purchase Testing Their Love at Amazon Today.
Coming soon to other retailers.


If you’re a fan of doctor heroes and husband spanking wife domestic discipline short stories you’ll want to check out Cultural Concessions by debut author Anissa Blume.

Cultural Concessions domestic discipline short story featuring husband spanking wifeIn Cultural Concessions A renowned heart surgeon, Dr. Sam Kahill, is an expert at healing damaged and diseased hearts. What he doesn’t know is how to heal his own crumbling marriage. His once loving wife Annalisa has become shallow and selfish compromising their relationship. At the end of his rope with her lack of respect Sam reverts to his roots and takes charge. He insists that Annalisa choose to accept firm discipline or opt for divorce.

Purchase Cultural Concessions From Amazon Today. 
Coming soon to other retailers.


Meredith's First Spanking Domestic Discipline Husband Spanking WifeFans of tough, demanding cowboys with a bit of a sweet spot should check out Meredith’s First Spanking by debut author Nadia Nautalia.

Meredith’s First Spanking features a newlywed cowboy (Brant) who is one of the few ranchers in his group of friends who have not embraced spanking as a means to keep their wives in line. Brant has always considered spanking extreme, until he learns that his wife, Meredith, has been lying to him – for weeks.

Purchase Meredith’s First Spanking at Amazon Today.
Coming soon to other retailers

To win your choice of these three new domestic discipline short stories in the format of your choice leave a comment and tell me 1.) Which story you would like to win. 2.) Why you chose that story. There will be three winners (assuming we have at least one commenter who chooses each story.) If we have fewer commenters or no one chooses one of the stories we will not give away that story at this time.

Alright…let me hear from you. Which story would you like? Why?

I will be announcing the winner on Sunday night. Check back to see if you won.



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