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Daily Archives: April 22, 2012

Black Velvet Seductions launched in December of 2005 with the second website that was created for it. I was a newbie back then and was essentially teaching myself web design as I went. The first site I created for Black Velvet Seductions was done in black, orange, and yellow. Once I had completed the site and sat back to look at it there were things I liked about it…the navigation…the header…but overall I was not pleased. As I looked at it it reminded me more and more of a porn site with its garish red and orange color scheme. That was not the look and feel I intended for the site. Yes, we’d publish and sell erotic romance…but classy romance…not porn!

I took a deep breath, took down everything I had built, and began again with the classier teal and black and cream color scheme you have come to associate with Black Velvet Seductions. The site has gone through many renovations since it made its initial debut, but the core of the site has remained since that time.

In the past year or two the site has come to look more and more old and more and more faded to me. I know a website doesn’t fade from the sunshine or other causes…but I could swear that ours has faded. The colors seem paler, duller, and where I once saw classy I now see…faded, old, and a bit shabby. I know I cam build a prettier site now than I built six years ago.

Still, having been through the process of completely building a site from the ground up a couple of times before, with a much simpler site, I know what is involved. There has not  seemed to be a span of time big enough to encompass the job…so I’ve kept planning the revision but never undertaking it.

After several recent discussions with my husband, other family members, and a few friends and fans of BVS   I’ve decided to do something really radical in comparison to what I did with the site…and build the new site using WordPress, the software which runs this blog and several other blogs I’ve created over the years. There are a number of big pluses that come with building the site in WordPress. One of the biggest is updating which currently takes me half a day each time we launch a new book. With the site designed in WordPress the updates that come with new books will become much simpler and faster. There’s also the ability to allow visitors to rate books or to comment on them which might be fun. We will also be able to have author pages where readers and authors can interact right on the site.

I’m happy to say that the main site is finally getting its much needed face lift. There are sure to be some broken links, links to the old site that don’t work with the new site just yet…and some that never will work again because the new site is organized differently. There will be a flurry of construction dust floating around as I am working on the new site. The good news is it is a process you can watch unfold simply by visiting the main Black Velvet Seductions website at and checking on the progress from time to time.

I’d love to hear what you think as the site comes to life. It is VERY bare bones right now…but it should grow a bit each day. Right now I am adding plugins that add functionality — things like the share buttons that allow you to share a page or post on Twitter or Facebook — the page counter, which is always fun to watch, a program for search engine optimization — so that Google can find and index the new site as it comes to life. I will begin adding the books and their pages to the site tomorrow.


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