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Daily Archives: April 19, 2012

I’m pleased to welcome erotic romance author Starla Kaye back to the blog today. Today she’s mixing things up a little…and sharing some interesting trivia about hair. I’m sure you’ll learn something from today’s post. I know I did. Please make Starla feel welcome by leaving your questions and comments in the comments section following this post.

Congratulations are also in order today. Starla’s latest short story Testing Their Love has been finalized and is in the final stages of formatting. Watch for Testing Their Love an erotic domestic discipline short story. It’ll be available at Amazon early next week if not sooner.

Hair Trivia

By Starla Kaye

Hair is an interesting topic, to me. I am a very visual person. When I create my characters, I find pictures from somewhere online, in magazines, or photos I find from a number of other places. As I write and attempt to describe my characters, I refer back to these pictures.


Recently I did a blog post on my Starla Kaye website about resources for writers concerning hair: the history of hairstyles, hair color, men’s hair and beards. It was fun and useful gathering the research and you are welcome to check it out at “Let’s Talk About Hair.”


I decided to take that a step farther and share some trivia tidbits about hair. Did you know that…


blonds usually have more strands of hair than redheads or brunettes

a strand of hair is as strong as a wire of iron, can support 2 ½ pounds, and it takes a 60kg force to rip it

we lose about 40 to 100 strands of hair every day

crash dieting can trigger temporary hair loss

female hair grows slower than male hair

the lifespan of a hair strand is 2 to 7 years

hair grows faster in warm weather

humidity stretches the hair

Renaissance women lightened their hair by coating their hair with a mixture of lye and saffron

to help cure his baldness Aristotle rubbed goat pee on his scalp

Hippocrates used a mixture of opium, wine, olive oil, horseradish, and pigeon poop to help with his baldness



Hair Boutique: Weird & Wonderful Hair Facts

ukhairdressers: Hair Facts

Fun Trivia Hairstyles: Interesting Questions, Facts, and Information

10 Fun Facts for Kids About Hair


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This Week’s Winner
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