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Daily Archives: April 6, 2012

Early in the new year I asked readers of the blog what they’d like to see on the blog in 2012. Someone suggested that we highlight one reader a month on the blog and in our newsletter. I thought that was a brilliant idea at the time it was suggested, but things have been pretty busy in 2012 so I’ve not had a chance to implement the suggestion.

It’s now April…spring… Things have settled down a bit for me after an exceedingly busy winter. I’m getting ready to produce the first readers newsletter we’ve had in a long time which made me think, what better time to start featuring a reader of the month?

Are there any brave souls who want to be our first reader of the month? It will be painless really…and maybe even fun as there will be some free goodies for our honored reader.

To be featured a reader will need to answer a few interview questions about themselves, their reading habits, their favorite authors, what types of books they like to read. They’ll be asked which BVS books they’ve read and which BVS book is their favorite. They’ll be asked to share a photo or two or three of things that depict who they are…what their interests are. They’ll have a chance to list some of the books on their wish list…which just might lead to them receiving one or two of the things on that list. ;) They’ll be featured in a “guest” post like our visiting guest authors where they’ll have a chance to ask and answer questions from other blog readers in the comments section here.

So…how about it? Anyone game to be our first reader of the month? I’m looking for someone who can turn around my interview questions pretty quickly — as April is whipping by in a blur. If there are more than one interested person, don’t worry I’ll select folks from this list for upcoming months…May…June…July…etc.

Leave a comment if you’re interested. :)



This Week’s Winner
This Week’s Winner
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