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Daily Archives: February 24, 2012

Please join me in welcoming erotic romance author Margie Church back to the blog. Today she’s visiting us with her co-author K.B. Cutter. Margie and KB will both be on hand to answer any questions you might have. In the meantime, they have a question for you — and if you leave a MEANINGFUL answer to their question you will be entered in a contest to win your very own copy of the anthology Bound For Love which includes Margie and K.B.’s story Razor. Read to the end of their post for the question. 


The word conjures up images sharpened steel against vulnerable flesh. Is it a man’s carotid as he scrapes his neck? A woman’s shapely leg, or perhaps, somewhere more intimate is being made smooth? It also alludes to a defining action. One that separates, sets a new direction.

Razor boldly encompasses all those similes. The first portion of the story has been released in the anthology, Bound for Love – Ties that Bind. To give you a feel for the plot, here’s the blurb:


Amy and Bryce don’t live the Dominant/submissive lifestyle, but Bryce acts every bit the Dom in the bedroom. And Amy’s had enough of it. She takes a drastic step to balance their intimate relationship by enlisting her best friend’s help.

His wife’s unconventional request shocks Bryce at first, but eventually he’s convinced to give the idea a try. On this journey of self-awareness, his experiences are anything but predictable or vanilla.


* * * * *


Amy’s not unhappy with her marriage or life, just a bit unsatisfied. Her requests, cajoles, and demands in the bedroom have been met with a deaf ear and a resistant mindset. In a last-ditch effort, she chooses a new tactic.

She wants her best friend Raine, who’s also a Domme, to help Bryce recognize that relinquishing control in the bedroom could be very good for their intimate relationship.

Bryce is hard-wired to lead. He owns a business; he’s the head of their family. He’s happily married to Amy; they have a good life. He thinks sex with her is very satisfying. It’s no wonder he’s stunned by Amy’s unconventional suggestion.

So is Raine, who had no idea Amy would entertain such an idea.

Bryce’s initial shock is replaced by intrigue. He knows Raine is a Domme. However, they’ve never had any experiences with each other in this or any sexual way. His male ego won’t allow him to believe Raine could resist him. He also thinks he might enjoy a very kinky experience he otherwise wouldn’t. He agrees to become Raine’s student.

What Bryce doesn’t expect are the substantial physical and psychological implications of being intimate with her. In fact, neither does Amy nor Raine.

In Razor, co-author, K.B. Cutter, and I explore whether Bryce can become a switch for the woman he loves. What will each person involved get out of this potential firestorm of lust, control, submission, kink, and, dare we think, love?


Adult Excerpt:

Wet heat pooled between Amy’s legs as she watched Bryce through the kitchen window. Knees trembling from the insistent throbbing of her clit, she pressed her thighs together, knowing her panties were already damp.

She really wanted to suck her husband’s cock.

Bryce took off his T-shirt, and draped it over the neat pile of split logs. In the heat of the day, perspiration glistened on his chiseled torso. One handed, he thrust the axe head into a tree stump, his bicep rippling.

A jolt of sexual electricity zipped through her every time he moved. Her nipples strained against the white cotton tank top she wore.

Amy needed to calm her jangled nerves. She inhaled the earthy scent of the forest wafting through the open kitchen window. White lace curtains fluttered on the light breeze. The frilly sheers were one of the few feminine accents in the rugged décor.

She traced the wood grain of the butcher’s block with her fingers. Their cabin was built of white pine, saddle notched logs. Rough-hewn plank floors and functional, yet elegant, Quaker furniture added a certain Spartan charm. Amy didn’t mind the rugged design. All of it seemed an organic compliment to the lush beauty of Norford Falls, Maine. And their vacation home seemed a natural extension of her husband, Bryce, who’d built the retreat. Bryce Gage thrived on hard work, and even though he was CEO of Gage Commercial Constructs, he always said he still enjoyed getting dirty.

Amy relished his large, calloused hands roaming her body. A mischievous grin played on her lips as she grabbed a can of beer from the refrigerator. She sauntered out the kitchen door, and strode down the sloping lawn, with her hips swaying theatrically in her tight Daisy Duke’s.

At the sound of the screen door slamming, his head turned toward her. She had his attention with her firm, pert breasts bouncing suggestively as she walked.

His gunmetal-blue gaze swept over her body.

She shivered with anticipation.

The corners of his mouth turned up, a grin curiously lupine in appearance.

“Thought you might like a cold one, babe.” Amy offered him the beer.

Bryce smiled wider, revealing even white teeth, the lines of his unshaven face an alluring masculine contrast. He reached for the can.

Amy pulled it back, holding it between her breasts as she slid her hand into her shorts.

His expression morphed from curious to aroused. His nostrils flared, muscles visibly tensed.

She dipped her fingers into her moist panties and between the folds of her sex. She shuddered over the provocative, erotic sensations, but never let her gaze waver. Removing her hand, Amy traced her moisture over the rim, popped the tab, and handed the beer to him.

Bryce brought the can to his lips. His tongue darted over the dewy metal before swallowing.

She sucked in her breath under his intense gaze.

He placed the can on an upturned log, his jaw clenching.

With anxiety rolling in her stomach, Amy watched in silence, waiting for her husband to give voice to her churning thoughts. The look in his eyes told Amy she’d surprised him.

Would he let her have her way?

Emboldened, she pressed against him. The full impact of her seduction manifested itself. Every hard line and angle of his body seemed to bulge with heat. Without breaking eye contact, Amy reached up and drew his lips to hers.

Curiosity, mixed with passion, flared in his eyes. He didn’t resist, didn’t blink.

She licked his full, lower lip, detecting a faint remnant of her musk there. Her pussy throbbed.

Bryce took the upper hand. Pulling her snug against him, his tongue probed her mouth while he dug his fingers into her ass cheeks.

The combined sensations were beyond erotic and exactly what she’d hoped for. Amy reached for his crotch and pressed hard against the erection that threatened to burst from his faded jeans.

Her chest rose and fell in an unsteady rhythm that her voice mimicked. “Fuck me, Bryce. Right here. Right now.”

He kissed her with renewed vigor, seeming to give in to the invitation. He reached into her jeans with one hand and massaged her rear. Then, he worked his fingers into the wet crevice between her legs.

Amy let every whimper and groan slide onto his tongue. She unbuttoned his jeans and reached into his briefs. The tip of his cock was damp with silky pre-cum. She grasped his shaft, rubbing the tip with the pad of her thumb.

Bryce bent at the waist, making her release him.

His turnabout shocked her. “What’s the matter?”

“I have so much to do before I leave tonight.”  His breathing labored, Bryce made no effort to pull his clothes back together. In fact, the waistband of his shorts held his beautiful erection in full view.

Amy couldn’t take her eyes off his cock. She’d already passed the point of playful seduction. Hot and horny, she wasn’t going to accept his answer.

“You want me. I want you.” She took his hand with every intention of sliding it back into her wet pussy.

Pulling away, he shook his head. “I still have to finish cutting this wood and go into town to arrange the propane delivery for the winter before I leave. It’s going to be cold this weekend. You and Raine will freeze.”

“Are you serious? Your cock is like granite. I’m so wet it’s embarrassing, and you’re more concerned about chopping wood? I want you to put the wood to me. Now, Bryce!” Her voice had risen with her temper. His audacity never ceased to piss her off.

Quick as a cobra, Bryce grabbed Amy and pulled her against him.

She yelped in surprise.

His cobalt-blue eyes crackled with anger.

She saw the storm gathering behind his beautiful eyes and didn’t care. Give in. Give it to me hard and fast out here.

His breath left his nostrils in a hiss. His eyebrows drew together, illustrating his indecision. Then he kissed her with bold strokes of his tongue, twisting his lips against hers, demanding she respond.

Amy was all too happy to turn the heat back on. She curled her leg around his calf.

“Make love to me, Bryce.”

He rested his forehead against hers. “If I take you here, I’m going to take you inside, too, all night long.”

The way he emphasized the last words made her ache for him all the more. Tears welled in her eyes. “No ordinary man would resist me, Bryce.”

Illustrating the truth of that statement, he released her and picked up his axe once more.


Read Razor in the anthology, Bound for Love, and then watch for the full novel this summer. Buy the anthology on Amazon now!


Contest: Tell me what you think about a relationship like this. You have to say more than, it’s kinky or it’s hot. Give me some insights, and you could win Bound for Love, which contains RAZOR.

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