It is with great sadness that I share the news that Leslie McKelvey passed away on 24th January 2017.
I had the very great privilege of knowing Leslie over a good number of years and consider her a friend as well as a colleague. She told me of her deep love for her family, her husband Scott and her three sons Daniel, David and Devon. She was a very special lady, warm and with a keen sense of humour. Leslie was a gifted, passionate writer, her stories are exceptional. She brought her books to life with her extraordinary knowledge of military details. She was a great team player, promoting her work, but always there to help, encourage and support others. She leaves a legacy of 5 novels and a number of short stories.
I will very much miss my friend and all the stories she didn’t have time to write.


Hot on the heels of the success of our last anthology, First Submission, we are currently seeking submissions for a new anthology of uniform themed stories, for example army, fire service, police, navy etc!

Stories can be on any theme within the uniform remit for example, power exchange, gay/lesbian, romance, age play, BDSM, D/s, domestic discipline, M/M/F, transgender etc, and should be a minimum of 5k and a maximum of 15k words, submitted by email to as single-spaced Word documents with no formatting.  If you have any questions or comments before submitting a story, please do get in touch with Richard!


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