Monday blues….  Are some days better than others?
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Monday blues, no, not for me thank you.  I never get that Monday morning feeling, though I would be lying if I said I didn’t dread and even put off some jobs.  A job I don’t enjoy is writing rejection letters, yet I never put it off.  It is a thing that is best done quickly, though I am always aware, that it is someone’s hopes and dreams I am rejecting, for whatever reason.  It is a job I have to do.  So what about you.  Do you suffer from the Monday blues? Or are some days better than others?  What about Hump Wednesday?   And even the Friday wind down?

As for jobs, you don’t like, do you try to avoid them?  Or do you hit them head-on, to get them out of the way?   Have you got little tricks to get those jobs out of the way?  I remember having my edits, to do when I was writing more, I remember the drop in spirits when seeing a lot of corrections and re-writes to do.  I had the mindset that every correction was improving my story.  How do you look at the editing process?  A step forward? Or is it a chore you have to do?

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