Our minds can take our stories anywhere!
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It is our imagination that makes us fiction writers.  For the romance writers, a large number of our stories come from our fantasies.  The whole, what if scenario.  I wrote a little while ago about dressing up in costume fantasies, and that did hit a nerve, I got a lot of replies on that subject.

What I had in mind is maybe a bit more mainstream.

A lot of people have holiday fantasies, the warmth and lack of clothes seem to make it the perfect catalyst for fantasies such as, being taken off to a beautiful resort and making love on the beach, or in the ocean.  Maybe a skiing fantasy, making love by an open fire.  You’re lost in the woods and a handsome stranger comes and rescues you.  Or making love at a waterfall.  The possibilities are endless.

There are so many scenarios it would be impossible to name them all here, but a couple more that were sent in.  Making the big time as an author.  What if you were being interviewed on a TV or radio show.  You are drooling over the person that is sitting behind the desk.  The scene eventually leads to everything being pushed to the floor so you can make love on the desk.  This next one I think was fueled by a fifty shade reader, being blindfolded or maybe a threesome.  Or how about this rather charged encounter, you are sleeping over at your brother’s apartment.  He is out of town on business.  A friend of your brother pops by to see him and finds you instead.  You have always had a crush on your brother’s friend.  After a few drinks, you end up naked in bed together and you just go with the flow.  To find that reality is better than you ever imagined.

An opening chapter for a book just there, with my compliments.

I am sure your characters in your books talk about their fantasy or daydream about their fantasies.  I am sure you have read a hot scene in a romance novel that you asked your partner to act out with you. Or maybe you have fantasied alone.

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