Microsoft Windows 10 an unwelcome invader
On April 11, 2016 | 0 Comments

I have a grumble….  and I know all you Apple fans will say “serves you bloody well right for not going for mac” I have been a PC user since the late 80’s. I started with moldy old Dos and I have plodded on with various incarnations of windows…. I was happily using windows 7 and it kept asking did I want to upgrade to windows 10 I kept saying no, must have turned down the offer for the upgrade ten dozen times.. I did not want a new operating system buggering up my computer.. I am more than capable of messing up my own system, I really don’t need any help from Microsoft. Imagine my joy when this morning I find that Microsoft had decided that I was going to be upgraded whether I liked it or not… I am not a massive fan of Microsoft to start with, I use it because it is necessary for work. I was recently shafted by Microsoft with the new windows 365.  I had office 2010 which was working well on my work machine. When I upgraded I was informed it would no longer be able to use it… not pleased at all…

Back to Windows 10 Is Microsoft so hard up that it has taken to extorting money out of us? if it is maybe they could ask Billy Gates to re invest a bit back?? If I had wanted to change would have agreed to do it…

Mac users if you feel the need to gloat.. just keep it to yourself.. happy in the knowledge you are right and I made the wrong decision all those years ago…..

Rant over…..

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