Does your love-life fit the Goldilocks effect?
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Sex, too hot? Too cold? Just right?  Anyone that works with me, I am afraid has to put up with my slightly odd sense of humour and my wandering mind.  I tend to free-associate with things so please bear with me while I get to the point, I was listening to the radio the other day and heard “Dear Darlin’” by Olly Murs.  The lyrics start:

Dear Darlin’, please excuse my writing.
I can’t stop my hands from shaking

And that always reminds me of a very old joke…  so sorry…  There is a lady, handwriting a letter to a newspaper agony-aunt.  She writes:

Dear Margery,

What can I do? My husband won’t leave me alone.  Every morning he wants sex before work, every evening he wants sex.  He sometimes comes home for sex at lunchtime.  I was bending over the freezer the other day and he snuck up behind me and up when my skirt and he had his wicked way with me there and then, that is the last time I can go back to that particular supermarket.  Any spare moment he wants sex and at the most embarrassing moments.  What can I do??

PS please excuse the wobbly handwriting.

In a way it is funny, but it brings up the point of a sex-drive mismatch.  Either way, it is difficult both parties.  Frustration for the one and guilt for the other.  So my question of today is, even if you are with a great partner, how do you fair within the Goldilocks zone?  Too hot? Too cold? Just right?  And what do you do about it if it is not working?  If your partner wants more sex would you encourage them to find a lover?  Not enough do you invest in new battery buddies?

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