In literature, a focus on different lifestyles.
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Just read a couple of scripts, who’s writers tried to write about alternative lifestyles and got it so wrong.  With the 50 shades phenomenon, lots of writers have had a go at writing D/s and BDSM themed stories.  There is an old adage “write what you know”  and so many of the scripts I have read really do not understand the lifestyle at all.  You don’t have to practice a lifestyle to have to know it.  For example, you don’t have to drive a car to write about how it feels like to be in a car, but if you are going to write about how it feels to drive a car it helps to sit behind the wheel.

I write a while back about an author who describes a lady walking while getting undressed.  It is the same with lifestyles.  We live in an internet age, there is more information out there than you can ever hope to read.  Yet you still find writers that do not research, even the basics.  Even in romantic fiction, to say submissives are all necessarily doormats and dominants are all brutes is too much of a cliche.  I am all for reading about people in interesting and alternative lifestyles, but please make them interesting and believable characters, not cardboard cutouts.

What have been your reading experiences?  Good and bad.  Do share, I’d love to hear any of your stories, experience or any views you might like to share.  On here, the blog, facebook or twitter

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