How much is too much?
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A conversation I have had with a lot of authors is, how much sexual content is too much, both in terms of quantity and strength of the scene.  there is never a hard and fast answer, in my opinion, some stories suit more, some suit less.  Some romance stories it is fine to concentrate on the emotional element.  This topic came into focus with two stories I edited recently, I was drawn to both stories, but the sexual content in both was a bit thin, given the subject matter.  I won’t name either as I don’t want to embarrass either author.  The first, the subject matter concerned a group of women making a bet as to who could seduce a man.  Considering the subject in the original script sex was a little thin on the ground, so I felt we needed to up the content in terms of frequency of events and strength of content.  In the second story, the number of sex scenes was fine we just deepen the emotional content.  As a publisher, I feel strongly that in romance stories you need to get across the emotional elements or you fail in the genre.  I think that separates romance and erotic romance from erotica and porn.  Don’t get me wrong I am at ease with the last two categories, it is that Black Velvet Seductions don’t publish them.  We do publish erotica with a separate sister company, but that is for another blog.

Which brings me back to the question, in romance stories, how much sex is too much sex?  Is there even such a thing as too much sex?

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Kathleen Posted September 15, 2017 at6:28 pm   Reply

Enough that the story continues to make sense and the reader feels the need to squirm in her seat,bite her knuckle and say “yes please!”
That being said, I must add that when the author constantly uses descriptions of the female character ie her enormous bouncing mounds,her tiny waist,her perfectly shaped ass and her waist length blonde hair. It bores me and causes a loss of focus in the story. A gifted descriptive writer gets this done in one or two scenes. This repetition seems to be a filler. It does not enhance the story or provide any depth to it. It usually costs them a star or possibly 2 in a 5 star limit review. But that just me.

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