Description : Warning: Explicit Content. Online relationships are difficult at the best. The distance and the lack of touch make them hard to maintain and the only way they are successful is with good communication. But what happens when the communications are intentionally misleading even if they are not meant to be harmful? David and Doreen used the Internet to start a romance that centered on her fantasy to kneel at his feet as a slave. When her real life interfered with her Internet fantasy life she left the fantasy behind. But when the fantasy is who you are it becomes overpowering. Doreen could not stop wishing for the fantasy that was out of reach. When she could no longer deny the powerful fantasy she begged David, her online Master, to rescue her from her vanilla life. He complied, fulfilling her fantasies in ways that she had not dared to consider. But when fantasies become realities the realities have consequences. For David and Doreen the consequences were deeper and farther reaching than either could have imagined.    

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