Description :

Love's Patient Journey

K.L. Ramsey

Jenna Angel Ashbrook is determined to turn her life around after her failed marriage to a man that tried to kill her and her family. The only good thing to come from that disaster is her son, Zachary, who’s hitting the terrible twos with a fury. Jenna is over worked and over tired trying to be the best mom that she can be, leaving no room for anything as taxing as romance. She doesn’t realize just how much is missing until Ryan Jackson walks back into her life, making sexy demands that Jenna just might be willing to meet. Ryan walked away from Jenna and Zac two years ago and it was the hardest thing that he ever had to do. He owed the Navy two more years and refused to put Jenna through the possibility of losing him. Now, Ryan is back in town and ready to claim his place in Jenna’s life. He wants to claim her body and soul, leaving her no doubt that he is ready to have her and her son in his life. Jenna’s strong spirit and survival instincts have gotten her through two tough years, she’s the strongest woman he knows. But, will Ryan be able to convince her to give up control and lean on him when trouble comes calling again?

Love’s Patient Journey is the second book of The Relinquished Series.