Description :

Love's Design

K.L. Ramsey

     April Magness was his assignment, a person of interest in a case that was consuming him. If Shephard Jackson was being honest with himself, it was April who was consuming him. He spent his nights staking out her home, watching her in the darkness, wanting her more with each passing hour. Running into April, at his brother’s housewarming party, was not in his plan. Neither was falling for the woman that could tear his whole case apart, along with his heart.

     April knew that running from Malcolm Diggs could get her killed, but staying with him was no longer an option. She saw Mal for the monster he was. She couldn’t stay with a man who could murder in cold blood without a second thought. She ran to start a new life, always looking over her shoulder. Meeting Shep Jackson wasn’t part of the plan for her new life. April still fell hard for the sexy detective who promised to keep her safe. But will Shep want her after she tells him about her ex or will he throw her away like so many others had? Love’s Design is the third book in The Relinquished Series.

Love’s Design is the Third book of The Relinquished Series.